Chapter 30

She doesn’t belong here.

Lloris siuod quickly when the the NYDETUR naked min She only winced a little from the pain of her foot, but it was quickly fine. He ware i black milk and dark clothin the inuld tell he was quite tall and well built but she didn’t D u his Temat all who are you? How did you get in here! Doris asked, she planed at the ald man but he didn’t loak surprised at all. Did he know hlen? Had he planned this?

The asked men ignored her and began to try and open his cell door. The old man glanced at Doris with sadness in his gaze. She wasn’t entirely sure why he was looking at her that way. “I want you to get her aut as well. She doesn‘t belong in here.

Doris parted her lips in surprise, she didn’t expect him to actually want to help her get out of here. The asked man made an impatient noise and looked her up and down before dismissing her when he turned back to the old man.

“We don’t have time for this, we only have seconds before someone realizes I’m here.” He said, volce deep and rushed. She didn’t recognize his voice at all. Not like she did when she heard Prince Daniel speak and realized exactly who it was when she saw his face.

“She doesn’t belong in here.” The old man repeated More firmly. The masked man paused what he was doing for a moment and locked eyes with him.


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Elanced up her as she talked. “Prince Jack will Fioticu I’m one therand H e here. He pronised he would coint and interrote me HIT heur until I him what he wants. If I’m not in liente, he’ll have the entire grounds arched for me until I’m found and I don’t

must be Daris, aren’t you?” “The masked

with her but she didn’t know why. Perhaps he was only grateful he didn’t have to find a way for her to get out of here

Who was

name of course. She wished she knew his name, but now it felt extremely awkward to ask as he was being broken out of prison. She would probably never

going to hold court tomorrow to judge your case. I think you’re right that Prince Jack will come by soon to get whatever information he wants from you, I

felt her blood run cold. If her case was


one muuting with him, he’d braken her loat and burned out of her skin, not to Intion what he

blood H..magic blood Doris had never met anyone that held a power like that, she wondered how it was even possible. Didn’t he

gently. slowly pulling her from her mashing thoughts. “All your wounds will heal, but your heart will not if you turn your

and placed her hand against her chest. Her heart toured beneath her palm. “I–I don’t know how far

she let him take it. He squeezed

she beat Doris in front of people who didn’t stop her. It didn’t

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