Chapter 31

Stay away from her. What are you doing?!” Dunst to yan helf Out of his hold, but he only held hinder. “Le me 30! Pe There is no point in Tusiting them, their face held o sympathy for her or what was about lu hapen to hr. They did her out of her raam

and throuch the dark blways like she was an a l. Hi heart Ered to burst from her chest.

when the rear settled deep in her bob. She Want sure if she would be able to survive the night, but she had to try Prince Tack stood there waiting for her calm and collected His ce que no hint to how he will feeling of what was in stare for her and that temd her more than she wanted to admit There

is no chair this time, only chains remained where it once stood, “Have you settled on your confession?” Prince lack Asked as the door slamned shut behind her. “I still stand by what I said.” Doris couldn’t keep the shakiness out of her voice. Prince Jack lifted his chin slightly when he looked down at her. His ces roamned over her face that was partially healed thanks to the old man blood. The corner of his mouth lifted in a sinister smärk that wis na where near friendly. “I suppose I didn’t impose enough pressure the last time we spoke.” His eyes darkened as he took a step towards her. Doris quickly stepped away until her back hit against the wall. He laughed a little as if he knew there was no where for her to run or hide and he didn’t have to

ID catch her: “Just

gripped his hands in he lifted her all the yound, she quickly gauw desperate for als before he threw

she only staned at him with a plea in her eyes. “Don’t say 1 didn’t warn you.” Darls watched as his fist closed before he hit her so hard, her head stacked against the floor and left her dizzy from the impact. Her eyes felt as if they rolled back in her head. Prince Jack doubled in her Vision for a moment as he reached out his hand one of the guards quickly placed a short metal bar in his palm. Prince Jack didn’t give her another chance to beg before he slammed the bar against her body-over and


up to her and brought his build directly on her

they watched their prince quickly lose control, they still nothing as he leanedurer her brought the har down across her face. We und over again until her te mixed with blood. Deris vreamed in agony. he threw the bloodied bar krass the roun when he pew tired of using it. “P-please… You can’t kill me before the trail…” Doris choked on her own blood as she tried ta speak, Prince Jack raised his brows and looked at her as if she were a dying dog. *You really think they’ll care about an omega mald’s life? You’ll be replaced by morning without a single tear shed.” Prince Jack wiped his face and only smeared more of her own blood across his cheek while doing so. Her heart ached, but she was tou hurt to are about his words. No matter how true they were, her mind wouldn’t dwell on. anything he said when her body was screaming for medical care Doris struggled to breathe and felt closer to death

Jack Pulled bug rope from his part

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