Chapter 29

I’m here to get you out of here.


Derin glowy chwed towards the voice and fripped the bars that separated their cells. She cauldn’t see him in the darkness, he didn’t even know there

orke close by. She fushed red. He mus have heard all the mights she cried herself to sleep. Why hadn’t he said anything sooner? “I’m not going to trme others. Loris and quietly. “No matter what he does to me, it’s just not right.”

The older man stopped out of the shadows and came closer to Laris. “Even if it would save your life?

Even then. I believe in justice.” Doris swallowed and leaned her side against the bars. She wined at the pain that nicocheted through her body. Prince Wiihim will judge fairly. I believe that.

“There is no fair justice in this kingdom under their ruling.” The old man chuckled lightly to himself, but not at her. He looked kind, she wondered what he was doing in this prison. “Unfortunately. It’s been like that for a long time. All they truly care about here is power.”

They must care to find the real person that was responsible for what happened.” Doris said weakly. lately it only felt like she was trying to convince herself. It was hard to find hope in such a dark place. Her mind kept flashing with the sight of Melody’s lifeless body staring up at nothing. Half of her felt a bit of relief that she would never have to serve her again, but that hall also filled her with an unbelievable guilt. She never for a second wanted

anything to happen to Melody, she wanted her to

make him happy until Boris could leave Now.. that clearly was never golng to happen.

“What did happen if I may a?” The main Hi on The ground closer to her. His face was water and curious. His beard was a bit too long as if he’d been in here quite a while, the rest of himn had dirt TOSS his clothes and skin.

sighed and closed her eyes for a moment to block out the images. “I was serving soup to the royal members and the bowl that was

her words. “I assume they think you did

nodded and brushed a tear off her bruised cheek. She could easily close her

she felt. “I wasn’t Even meint. to be there 1—- Doris hesitated, she didn’t want to Teveal why she wasn’t meant to be there. “I had the night off Another had maid injured herself and asked

you close with the lady the

well. I was her Lady’s Maid, that’s

“You weren’t friends?

was improper to be friends with a

bathered lwr wheney Toris in breathed around her. But this man didn’t need to know any of that, it was wrong to speak badly af

old man humined again and shook his head Handly. “They’re just people, Hike you and I.”

nothing doesn’t mean you won’t become something great.” The old man said. Doris stared at him in silence for a moment before she smiled a

Jack do that to you?” He gestired to her injuries, Doris

attention to the old man when he used Frince Jack’s name so casually. Who was this man? “It would’ve been a lie if I said what he wanted to hear. He wants

for it.”

about the person he wants you to blame?” The old man

want to admit she hated Prince William. “I… I just think that it wouldn’t be the right thing to do regardless of how I feel about that person. Nobody deserves to be punished if they’re

moonlight shine on his wrinkled features. “You have a kind soul, young lady. I think it takes

the first person they could


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