Alpha Asher novel By Jane Doe chapter 7
I walked down the street, wondering if the smirk I had was permanently etched onto my face. At least Alpha Asher now knew that I acted this way all of the time.

Even with a new Alpha in charge, things in this small town remained the same. Only a handful of people had actually changed. Unfortunately, none of the assholes had changed.

I wandered around aimlessly, missing the taste of mocha coffee on my tongue.

“Did we really have to dump the coffee on him?” I grumbled.

Maya rolled her eyes, “What else did you expect us to do?”

“I don’t know.” I sighed, “Throat punch him?”

Maya’s ears perked up, “sh*t, I wish I would’ve thought about that. Can we go back?”

I snickered at her, “Maybe next time. I’m sure this won’t be the last time he says some stupid sh*t.”

“Promise?” Maya sounded hopeful.

I headed back home, feeling as though my day had been completely uneventful. When I walked in the door I was greeted by the smell of my grandma’s cooking. Plates of sweets were scattered all along the counter, and she was just pulling a pan of brownies out to cool.

“Oooh.” I cooed, reaching to pick up one of her cookies when she smacked my hand away.

“Not for you, miss!” My grandma scolded me, “Their for the other families in this pack that lost someone in the fight.”

I sighed, the cookies really did look amazing.

My grandma’s stern look softened and she handed me a cookie.

“Now go outside and help your dad with the garden.” She pushed me towards the back door and I groaned.

“Don’t sass me. You have your cookie, now go!” She shooed me away.

I stuffed the cookie into my mouth and groaned at the chocolate-y goodness.

I could see my dad on his knees digging up some of the dead flowers. Mom always had a huge garden, something she had picked up from grandma.

“I see the dictator has ordered you to work too.” My dad grumbled with a smile on his face.

“Yes sir.” I smirked, getting down to help him.

“Did she pay you with sweets too?” My dad chuckled.

I laughed at him, “Yup, she gave me a cookie.”

“Really? I got two cookies and a brownie.” My Dad smirked while my mouth opened in shock.

“Grandma that’s not fair.” I yelled towards the back door.

Her head popped out and looked between the two of us, “What isn’t fair?”

“You gave him more than me!” I gave her a pout, “Equal wages for equal work!” I protested.

She smirked at me, “Your dad was out here since you left this morning.” And with that she popped her head back inside.

want to sneak some when she isn’t looking?” My Dad proposed

snickered, “You know she’s gonna

My dad shrugged, but a smile played at his lips.

we keep eating her sweets.” I cackled, ripping up another dead

frowned, “You’re most

talk as we pulled the dead plants from my mom’s garden. We pulled the small saplings out of their containers and planted them with the soil my grandma bought. Hours had passed and we were finally finished. I

at Dad,

to see us working in the

freak out and say we were doing it wrong.” We both laughed until tears

to get along with, but that

of chips

remembered the swimming hole Tyler and I used to go to. We never told anyone else about it, keeping it between ourselves. It was one of the most magical things I had ever seen. It was nestled deep

I turned around and headed in the direction of the woods. I crossed countless houses and a few shops until the buildings became much scarcer. I crossed

the woods until I could hear

even better than it had. The water was crystal clear. The

spent countless summers sneaking off to the swimming

all of the memories that accompanied it popped into my head. I was surprised at how happy I felt. It had

you just gonna stand here

my bra and underwear,

top of the waterfall and jumped in with an excited squeal. The cool water felt amazing on

swam under the waterfall and giggled as it rushed over my head, making pieces of my hair cling to my

around me. The smell was always once of my favorite parts of the hidden swimming hole.

The rock was the perfect size and shape to lay out on. The

pretty heavy make-out sessions here and occasionally I would let him roam

the man irritated me to no end, it was fun

realized my hand had traveled much lower on

to Alpha Asher, it had been such a long time since

quiet forest and I gave myself over to the sensations filling my body. I let a finger slide inside of

bushes. I wrote it of as a deer or some other animal. The cool water turned hot as Alpha Asher stepped into view, his toffee colored eyes swirled with

seeing. How in the hell did he find me out here? Did he

hand from my underwear and slid into the water. My heart pounded in my chest at the thought of him catching me, but I couldn’t place whether it was embarrassment

the water, Lola.” His rough voice commanded me, and I

looked at him stubbornly, wondering what he thought he was doing. I wasn’t in the wrong here. I was

warning. I was already testing his patience,

out of the water.” He snapped, his muscular body


his eyes seared my skin. He sounded as though he had never

anger that radiated from him. Any other wolf

that sent shivers down my spine. “Have you already

didn’t forget, I just

eyes were much more gold now. “This is

that moment. His black t-shirt clung to every dip of his muscles,

no way he’d come in here and pull me out. He’d probably just storm away and confront

lungs when he sauntered forward, stepping into the

bre*sts and torso were submerged, the only thing visible was

you dare.” I warned him, letting myself drift

hadn’t been there. I let out an angry wail as he grabbed

“Let me down, now!” I yelled at him, letting my fists pound his stupid, chiseled back. Anger bubbled in my veins as he walked through the water with me over his shoulder. What reason did he have to follow me and torment me?

Alpha Asher walked through the water as if it weren’t there. I felt my bare back slam against the rough bark of a tree, and I knew if I looked there would be tons of scratches.

I brought my arms up to cover my chest, cursing myself for not wearing a bra that provided a little more coverage. The purple lace push-up bra I was wearing forced my bre*sts together and made them impossible to miss.

“Do not cover yourself from me.” He growled, yanking my hands down so they were at my sides. I glared into his golden eyes, looking for any motion within them. His eyes remained focused on my own, not even glancing down at my chest.

“What were you doing, Lola?” He growled, my name rolling off his tongue like a seductive song.

I stammered for a response. It was hard to think when he was standing so close to me, my bre*sts pushed against his torso as he trapped me in front of the tree.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” I replied, trying to inch myself away from him and the tree but he grabbed my arm and yanked me back into place. I couldn’t fight against the throbbing in between my legs nor the sudden wetness that soaked my panties.

“Going to play dumb are we?” Maya smirked in my head.

He leaned in close enough for me to smell his breath. Water dripped from his chin, landing on my temple and running down my cheek.

“You were making an awful lot of noise for someone who doesn’t know what I’m talking about.” He growled and this time I couldn’t resist the urge to glance down at his lips. My pu**y throbbed again, and I could feel the wetness coating my inner thighs.

He noticed my action and growled.

“Look at me.” He demanded, grabbing my chin with his large hand.

I peeled my eyes from his soft looking lips and stared into his golden orbs. His eyes hardened, and I could tell he had surpassed anger. His next words were spoken with a calm voice, but his eyes held all of the emotion he chose not to convey.

“I warned you didn’t I?” His calm voice send goosebumps forming on my skin, and I couldn’t help the tremble that came over me.

“What are you doing!” I snapped as he forced his thigh in-between my legs. I nearly shrieked when I felt his hand glide over my covered pu**y, sending pleasure shooting down my legs.

His voice still held that terrifying calmness, “I’m finishing what you started, Lola. I told you countless times that you would be punished for your disobedience.” Somehow I knew it wasn’t that simple.

I tried to smack his hand away as his finger settled on my covered pu**y. His eyes blazed gold as he roughly grabbed my wrists and pinned them against my stomach.

Any other words were caught in my throat as Alpha Asher began to rub my covered cl*t. I clamped my lips together, fighting the moan that built in my throat. There’s no way I’d let him think I was enjoying this.

His golden eyes never left my own as he continued to rub my throbbing cl*t through my underwear.

I could feel the pressure in my pu**y building and I struggled to keep my composure as I neared closer and closer to bliss.

“Please.” The word escaped my lips, I could feel my legs tremble as I neared closer to my org**m .

Alpha Asher’s voice was still calm as his eyes looked into my own, “What was that, Lola? You want me to continue?” He lessened the pressure on my cl*t and began to move his hand away.

“Yes, please.” I couldn’t control my lips any longer.

Alpha Asher removed his hand from my soaking panties and took a step away, his blazing eyes staring at my flushed face.

“Think of this next time you openly disobey me.” His voice was hard. I watched with trembling legs as he picked my clothes off the ground and tossed them at me.

“And put some clothes on.” He demanded calmly as he walked away.

I waited a few minutes until I knew he was gone and slid to the ground.

“f**k.” I exhaled, wondering if I had just imagined what happened.

I wondered if he did this to every woman who disobeyed him, and I couldn’t stop the grimace that fell over my face. Even though I told him to stop, my body acted as though it were the hottest thing in the world.

I sat against the rough tree in my bra and underwear. The only thing that kept me from giving into the idea that I imagined it all, was the throbbing emanating from between my legs.

There was only one thing I was one hundred percent sure of; I was definitely going to disobey Alpha Asher again.

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