Alpha Asher novel By Jane Doe chapter 8
After what felt like hours of silent shock, I threw my clothes on and trudged home. I still couldn’t form coherent words about what had just happened, or my bodies reaction to it.

While my blood boiled at how bold Alpha Asher acted, the sensitive spot in between my legs throbbed. I was torn between hating it and loving it. Maya was silent for once, leaving me to my internal struggle.

When I finally got home, I ran to my room to change out of my damp clothes. I threw on a plain t-shirt and a pair of cotton shorts. I joined the rest of my family for dinner and was happy to find my grandma had saved some sweets for me after all.

Sean turned to me as we were eating dinner, “So, Lola. Why’d you dump coffee on Ethan’s head?” A smirk formed on his face.

My dad snorted and nearly choked on his food as he gave me a shocked look. Quickly, his face turned red as he started chuckling.

“Lola, can’t you stay out of trouble?” He cackled and my grandma soon joined in.

I shrugged, rolling my eyes at the two of them. “He acted like an ass.”

I didn’t need to give more information than that, Sean and my dad knew exactly how Ethan was.

“Should’ve done more than that.” Sean chuckled.

I shrugged, “The coffee was Maya’s idea. I wanted to punch him in the throat.” That comment sent my grandma into fits of laughter.

After dinner I helped my grandma with the dishes and quickly headed to bed. I was excited to sleep in before going to lunch with Breyona tomorrow. What person gets excited about sleep? I do.

I took my clothes off and threw them on the bed, then made my way to the shower. When I was finished I threw the same t-shirt and shorts on.

I frowned at my pillow, noticing the folded piece of paper that sat on it. I could’ve sworn it wasn’t there when I had slipped my clothes off. How did someone get it in my room without me hearing? And more importantly, why was there no scent?

I grimaced as I turned the paper in my hand, my eyes widening at the picture that fell from it. I could easily make out my own form in the photo.

I was standing in front of the woods, looking around as I slipped inside. That was taken today, as I was heading to the secret swimming hole.

I set the picture on my dresser and let my eyes scan over the note.

You shouldn’t be wandering around alone, Lola.

The weird note set me on edge and I wondered who it could be. I couldn’t see Alpha Asher doing this, he already tormented me in person. The only other people that came to mind were Chelsea, Tyler or Ethan. There was no way Tyler would get close enough to this pack to leave a note in my room, not with Alpha Asher trying to end his life.

Ethan seemed like a flimsy suspect, but I could totally see Chelsea doing something like this.

I rolled my eyes and stuffed the note in my dresser. Without a second thought, I climbed into bed and succ*mbed to sleep.

I woke up screaming.

Someone was shaking me and the second I opened my eyes, I noticed someone’s face much too close to my own.

“Geez, Lola!” Breyona groaned, clapping her hands over her ears, “You’re gonna bust my damn ear drum!”

“What the hell!” I gasped, sitting up in bed as I glared at her.

“Dude it’s almost one in the afternoon.” She rolled her eyes, placing her hands on her narrow hips.

“And you couldn’t wake me up like a normal person?” I raised my eyebrow at her, dragging myself out of bed.

She shrugged, a mischievous smile on her face. “It didn’t cross my mind.”

“Oh, I’m sure.” I rolled my eyes at her. I grabbed a thigh-length floral dress and slipped it on, throwing on a pair of black sneakers as well.

I didn’t bother shooing Breyona away as I changed, I had been raised with Breyona. We first shifted together as kids, so nudity was never an issue between us.

“Since when did you get muscular?” Breyona asked, sitting on the love seat in my room as I brushed through my hair.

I shrugged, “An entire year of training does that.”

“I need to go wherever you went.” Breyona chuckled.

“I’m sure grandma would be more than happy to take you in.” I giggled.

“I wish. After the fight with Alpha’s pack my mom has become a little overbearing.” Breyona shuddered.

I frowned, “I understand that though. My mom was her close friend.”

frowned as well. “How are you doing with that though? I can’t imagine

care-free attitude and the fact that she didn’t

death weird, but I don’t know. It’s sad

differently.” Breyona shrugged, changing the subject to the cafe

not bothering to take her car. The weather felt amazing and I

been gone. It used to have this old fashioned

it.” I nodded, looking around at the

nodded in agreement, “They updated the menu too. The avocado burger is amazing.” She laughed

over lunch, rekindling the strong

into bed. Part of me dreaded training tomorrow morning. The bruises had just faded from my last training session

the pack house together. After dropping our bags off in the locker room,

when Alpha Asher walked in. He was flanked by two men,

were huge, covered head to toe in various scars. I could see why Alpha Asher’s pack was so intimidating, all of the men were giant and

His very presence demanded everyone’s undivided attention. “Pair off into your groups and begin, Alexander and Jax will

made my way over to Alpha Asher, dreading the next few

Alpha Asher told me, his honey colored gaze locked on my own, “You will be his partner

sort of way. He had light blonde hair and chocolate colored eyes. His build was muscular, but not giant like Alpha Asher and his men. The guy had a round baby face that made him cuter, and a cheeky smile that brought one to my own

eyes on me as I

you’re gonna do?” Maya chuckled and I

Alpha Asher jealous, then yes I

at me, and I felt my lips turn up in

I nodded at

goofy smirk, “I’ll try to take it easy on

giggled mischievously, “Oh don’t worry, I can take care

to an empty space. I stifled my

to go easy on me. That fact annoyed me, but I decided to have

punch at my face. He was slow even on human standards. I smirked as his fist got closer to my face, only moving

towards the ground, sending Mason tumbling

blonde hair tousled


at him, “Don’t say I

had some skill as a fighter, but he was much

sweat trail down his biceps as he attempted punch after punch, unable to land a single

you?” Mason breathed heavily, tumbling to the ground, “Some kind

blew my cover Mason.” I giggled, rolling between his

over, “That was a

face turned red, I really

sympathetic smile, “I’m not very

junk stops working, I’m coming for you.” Mason warned, but a

gave him a look of mock horror

helped me with my punches and kicks, and

end of training I followed Mason out the doors and waited for Breyona to catch

Mason turned around

of the pack house, “Waiting

with you.” He smiled, leaning on the wall next

flaming hair grinned at me, giving me a small wave. I recognized her as a

back at her, “Thanks!” I

frowned, “So why haven’t I seen you

a couple years as a kid, but my grandpa got sick

thing that came

smiled that told me he appreciated my abrupt

“Eighteen.” I smiled back.

I was looking for you.” Breyona’s smiled, the pack

this is Mason. Mason this is Breyona.” I

with her Mason?” Breyona smirked, “She beat you


don’t think she’s too bad though.” He smirked as he shot me a quick

of us. We all laughed and exchanged stories about our childhood. Breyona left first,

and I approached my house and I turned to see him

this your place?” Mason’s eyes roamed over the house


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