Alpha Asher novel By Jane Doe chapter 6
I rolled over in bed with a sleepy moan. I was having the most wonderful dream that involved several under dressed men, one of which may or may not have resembled Alpha Asher. I didn’t care about the details.

My eyes fluttered open and a my sleepy yawn filled the air. That had been the best night of sleep I had in a long while.

The events of yesterday had yet to catch up with me as I sat up in bed and stretched. Just as I was about to stand up from the bed, my eyes darted to a figure in the corner of my room.

“What the hell!” I gasped, looking into the furious face of Alpha Asher.

He was sitting in the corner of the room on a navy love seat my Dad had gotten me when I was thirteen.

“You talk in your sleep.” He spoke, his tone calm while his eyes continued to burn. He looked at me strangely and I wondered what I had said in my sleep.

I didn’t have to glance down to know that my nips had stiffened against my tank top. I wasn’t wearing a bra, not that I needed to. Who sleeps in a bra?

I snakd my hands up to cover my brests as I glared at Alpha Asher. I was grateful I managed to fall asleep in a pair of sweats instead of my typical pair of underwear.

Alpha Asher looked good. Being furious only made him hotter. He wore a simple black button down shirt, but the sleeves were rolled up, exposing his muscular forearms.

I sputtered, at a loss for words. “What the hell are you doing in my room?” I gasped, I could feel my face turning red.

His face remained flat whilst his golden flecked eyes burned with fury, “9 a.m, Lola.” He repeated those familiar words and I felt my body stiffen as I remembered last nights events.

I let my eyes flicker to the alarm clock by my bed and went wide eyed when I looked at the time. 11 a.m.

“We’re in deep sh*t.” Maya muttered sleepily.

I should feel frightened right? I’ve been pissing off the deadliest Alpha for three days now, and yet I was still alive.

As if Alpha Asher could read my mind, he stood from his seat in the corner and walked towards me.

I kept my face blank, my eyes taking in every inch of him. He took his time approaching me, like a wolf stalking it’s kill.

“You couldn’t set a simple alarm, Lola?” Alpha Asher’s voice was hard, and I tried not to be mesmerized by the golden flakes in his eyes.

I wasn’t sure why I was so unable to control my mouth around him. Even with the hairs on my body standing on end, I only felt one thing. Excitement.

“Um, I forgot?” I bit my lip sheepishly.

“We’re dead.” Maya groaned, “You and your big mouth killed us.”

“So dramatic, Maya.” I rolled my eyes at her.

A startled squeal left my lips as Alpha Asher shoved me against my bedroom wall. The pictures hanging on the wall rattled with the impact. His rough hands yanked my arms down and away from my bre*sts, but his eyes never left my own

Something had to be wrong with me. Instead of feeling afraid, I felt angry. If he thought he could man handle me into obedience, he had another thing coming.

“You are testing my f**king patience, Lola.” Alpha Asher growled. His eyes had become completely gold and I stared into their depths unwavering.

He towered over me as I was trapped against the wall. His earthy cologne scent was everywhere. It wasn’t that it didn’t smell good, it was just really strong.

his giant hand wrap around my throat. I stubbornly kept my eyes on

It was

breath fanned my face and his fingers exuded the smallest amount of pressure against the soft flesh of my

had over my body wavered. I could feel my hard nips pressing against him and gritted my teeth as a

arousal. I told myself it was only natural that I was attracted to him. He was breathtakingly gorgeous and an Alpha.

conveyed no emotion other than anger as he looked down at

didn’t fight it when a smirk formed

eyes widen in

His lips were only inches away and I resisted the insane

will not be gentle. Remember that the next time you disobey me.” Alpha Asher growled, sending a wave of excitement down my

when he pulled away and

6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Report at the southwest base. Do not be late.” His voice was deadly calm,

out a breath I didn’t know I was holding.

within me was

thoughts from my head and hopped in the shower. Once I was finally dressed I came downstairs. The smell

did Alpha Asher need you for?” My dad frowned, “Strange that he came all

to report to his office this morning, and I didn’t.” I smiled sheepishly at

yourself killed, Lola?” My Dad nearly

was just a misunderstanding,” I shrugged. “I forgot to set an

he angry with you? Did he hurt you?” My Dad bombarded me with questions. No

I could

sigh, “You need to be more

“I know Dad. I will, I promise.” I

smirk and I wondered

shortly after, and he too had asked why Alpha

just as

after breakfast, craving one of the Iced Mocha’s they were famous for. When

my coffee and nearly moaned at the taste. The only thing

laugh call out behind me.

definitely looked the same, and I wondered if anyone had actually changed around here. Her skin was still as tan as ever, and her sandy blonde hair

and I remembered she was in training with the rest of

her face as she walked up to me, a dark haired girl clinging at her

smiled cruelly. The dark haired

of them and shrugged, “Well, I’m

that sh*t, but I really don’t

snorted, “Good to see some things

“That makes one of us. Everything’s changed for you though, hasn’t it? No longer the Alpha’s

eyes, “Changed for the better you mean. I don’t need to be with an Alpha to know my worth. That’s something you

walked into the towns center and sat down on a bench. I sipped my coffee and let my eyes wander over the large fountain in the middle of

normal, if only

always, my peace was

c**ky voice

my eyes and began to stand from the

c’mon Lola. You don’t have to leave. Can’t we just

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