What I said had rendered Cameron speechless. Zachary frowned and looked at me, displeased, “What nonsense are you talking about?”

“I admire your relationship and am impressed by how to protect your family members, but I hope you can put yourself in people’s shoes and think of others,” I said, “Had you been more magnanimous and gracious to others, you wouldn’t have pushed your own daughter away and suffocated your grandchild.”

I was afraid I might flip out if I continued to dig up the past. Instead of paying attention to their pallid faces, I grabbed my bag and walked away.

No one human was perfect, but that was what made us so unique. Likewise, we were all neither saints nor sinners.

Whenever we viewed the world from our own perspective, we would also think what we did was right. Yet, it might be the opposite had we adopted a different point of view.

If we had the absolute freedom to destroy someone we hated, then the world would be in a state of anarchy.

Meanwhile, Ashton had arrived and parked his car by the entrance. He stood beside his car and waved at me the moment he saw me.

I walked to him, wrapped my hands around him, and leaned against his chest.

He embraced me and asked in his usual deep and soothing voice. “What’s wrong?”

I placed my head to his chest and refused to move. “I don’t want to be a good person, but I don’t want to hurt people too.”

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his brows and cupped my face with his hand. “You’re the only woman

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I was a little emotional. Instead of talking, he stood there and hugged me for a while before leading me

my car while I got into Ashton’s. I stared at the road and went deep

time, I looked at Ashton and asked, “What makes a good

at me while he continued driving. “That’s a meaningless question, Scarlett. You should live your life and let your conscience

looking out of the window.

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and stood beside me for quite some time. He then lay beside me

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a low grunt. “Got it.

Fuller Corporation had made headlines recently, so he had to get back to work early. By the time I woke up,

who was preparing breakfast in the kitchen, looked at me and smiled. “Good morning. Mr. Ashton left early

I pressed my lips and smiled. I turned around and saw a bouquet of roses on the table in the living hall.

Seeing the fresh flowers on the table made my day. “Did you bring the roses?”

Initially, Flora did not know what I was talking about, but when she took a glance at the table, she smiled and explained that it was Ashton who bought the bouquet to cheer me up.

I could not help but grin upon knowing his ridiculous logic.

While I was sitting by the dining table and having a bowl of mushroom soup, I swiped my phone and came across Fuller Corporation’s action on Rachel’s incident.

Since the video clearly showed what Isabelle had done to Rachel, the board of directors had decided to transfer her back to J City but retained her Finance Department director position.

I supposed this was a win-win situation for everyone.

After spending two days in the hospital, Rachel finally got discharged from the hospital. The drama had finally come to an end.

Time passed by very quickly, and New Year’s eve was around the corner.

Isabelle called, but I did not answer her. Instead, I texted: Good luck!

Once we got to know some people well enough, we would see not only their angelic side but also the devil in them. Hence, it was best for me to keep a distance from her.

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