Cameron held Zachary’s hands and walked toward me. She grinned and asked, “Had your dinner?”

I nodded and hesitated for a moment before asking, “Should I ask the waiter to clear the table for you?”

Cameron and Zachary were horrible people. But come to think of it, they were not as bad as Isabelle’s parents. At least they would treat their own family members with kindness.

Cameron was surprised that I did not give her the cold shoulder. She pulled Zachary closer to her and babbled incoherently, “Okay, anything is fine.”

Zachary gently patted her hand to calm her down. He then called a waiter to clear the table.

Cameron, who was probably in a good mood, looked at me and smiled. “Scarlett, what do you like to eat? I remember I enjoyed dishes that are sweet and sour and also desserts when I was carrying you. Do you like them?”

She got that right. To this day, I still enjoyed desserts and sweet and sour food. Oh, well. I was indeed her daughter, after all.

She looked at me and waited eagerly for my answer. I nodded and replied, “Yes.”

Cameron’s lips curled into a wider smile. She looked at me and said, “I heard Summer has left for W City in the last couple of days, and Ashton has also been quite busy lately. Why don’t you come back to the Moore Residence and stay with us?

is back home now, and I’ve tidied your room. Why don’t you come over and keep her company since you’re quite close with

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