Chapter 29 Out Of Time

Things got increasingly tense among the ones in the hall as those affiliated with the Blackwood family returned with weapons to take out Jonathan. It was evident they were ready to kill Jonathan as soon as Anderson instructed them to do so.

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Some of them started whispering, “How are they going to take the young man out if it turns out he’s just bluffing?”

They thought it wasn’t very wise of Jonathan to start a fight with the members of the Blackwood family during Anderson’s birthday banquet. In an attempt to intimidate others, Anderson would definitely resort to something extreme to make an example out of Jonathan.

“Maybe they’re going to chop him into pieces and dispose of his corpse in the middle of nowhere!”

“I don’t think so! They’re definitely going to torture him to his death!”

“Ha! I think that’s not the case! I’m pretty sure they’re going to chop off the young man’s limbs and make him regret his decision of picking on them! Maybe death is the easy way out among the rest!”

As the guests remained seated, Alvin, who was a few tables away, glared at Jonathan with his eyes glinting. He whispered, “Dad, he was the one who ruined my plan!”

“Are you talking about the man over there?” Sebastian glanced at Jonathan and commented with a contemptuous look, “It doesn’t really matter since he’s going to die in another few minutes.”

not the case! Even Andrew had to

in spite of his affiliation with Zachary! There’s no way he gets to call the shots in Jadeborough! Have

governor of Jazona is—” Alvin responded to his father

sentence and added, “It might be another rumor, but it was possible the Blackwood family was the most prominent family due to their affiliation with Kingstone. Otherwise, there’s no

and added, “It doesn’t really matter who’s the backing of the Blackwood family as long as they’re powerful enough to kill Jonathan! Harrison shouldn’t have gotten full of himself and picked on the Blackwood family for Jonathan

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a mission impossible for them to rescue Jonathan due to the Blackwood family’s

a few minutes ever since the call was made. The guests couldn’t wait to

few minutes!

the other end of the call? If you don’t

seriously all this while? Isn’t it obvious it’s nothing more than a

almost time, they started humiliating Jonathan with all

same idea as the rest. Hence, he sneered, “Where’s this

a hurry at all. He asked nonchalantly, “Why are you in such a hurry when

spare you another four minutes and see how you’ll play this one out!” Anderson responded with a vicious smirk and thought it was impossible for Jonathan to turn the tables

announced, “All right, time’s almost up. I don’t need to waste my time with the likes of you anymore. Chop off

instructions, the ones surrounding Jonathan approached him, ready to

event as they

“Stay away from us and stop trying anything reckless unless you have a death wish!” Harrison yelled and reached for the gun he brought along, placing his finger on the trigger.

Anderson glared at the retaliating one and asked, “Harrison, do you have a death wish or something? If that’s the case, I’ll do you a favor and send you to hell with him!”

Obsessed with the thought of killing Jonathan, Anderson turned around and instructed instead of doing Harrison a favor, “Take Harrison out as well!”

Seconds after he made himself clear, the ones surrounding Jonathan catapulted in his direction. When Harrison was about to fire a shot, Jonathan got up from his seat and frowned upon another glimpse at his watch.

“They should be here since it’s almost time!”

When the ones in the hall heard him, they burst out laughing and thought Jonathan was a fool incapable of reading the mood when it was time for him to think of something to flee the scene.

“Ha! Stop bluffing and surrender yourself! It’s time for you to bear the consequences of poking your nose into the affair of the Blackwood family!” Anderson had his eyes glued to the entrance, but there was no sign of others joining them in the hall.

“Time’s up!” Jonathan looked at the entrance with a death stare once the ten minutes were up.

It was then he heard a car closing in from afar. A few seconds later, a sports car barged into the mansion and took everyone by surprise.

Anderson’s expression darkened, but a middle-aged man in a set of formal clothes alighted from the car when he was about to lose his cool.

The middle-aged man hurried his way to the hall while yelling, “O-Out of my way! I-I’m in a hurry!”

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