Chapter 28 Ten Minutes

“Come again?” Anderson’s anger was written all over his face. He warned Jonathan, “It has been a few decades ever since someone raised his volume against me, warning me in such an arrogant manner!”

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Jonathan glanced at Anderson and remarked, “It’s because you’ve never run into me throughout the years. You need to stop wasting your time. If you don’t get down on your knees and apologize for your mistakes, I’ll wipe you and the rest of your family out of existence. The future of your family depends on you.”

Anderson started shivering in wrath. Veins could be seen bulging all over his hands. He then responded to the young man, “Ha! Go ahead and give it a try! We shall see if you’re competent enough of wiping my family out of existence!”

He turned around and pointed at Harrison with his walking stick, asking rhetorically, “Why don’t you ask Harrison if he has the guts to challenge me?”

Ha! Not even this influential figure of Jadeborough can defy me! As long as I wish, I can take him out without much of a challenge! If he has the guts to challenge us, I’ll take him out!

Harrison snorted and remarked, “Indeed, I don’t have what it takes to challenge you and the members of your family, but it’s merely a piece of cake for Mr. Goldstein! It’s an insult for you to consider him someone on par with me because he’s superior to me!”

Hello? I’m merely an infantry of Fang Dragon Guards! An instruction from Mr. Goldstein is all it’s going to take to kill me! It’s not even necessary for him to waste his time since others will carry out the instructions on his behalf!

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Jonathan; it’s over for the Smith family! He should’ve left the rest to me instead of stirring things up! I don’t think I can resolve this issue anymore

of the possible outcomes

Meanwhile, Anderson asked in a sarcastic tone, “Is this all you have, brat? If that’s the case, it’s quite disappointing! You’re not telling me a call is all it takes to wipe us out of existence, are you?”

He thought Jonathan would get someone powerful to threaten him, but Jonathan did nothing else apart from making a call.

What kind of joke is this? It’s impossible for him to get rid of us in ten minutes! As the most prominent family in Jadeborough, not even the authorities have what it takes to wipe us out of existence in minutes! We weren’t the most prominent family in the past decade for no reason!

“Why are you in such a hurry when there are a few minutes left until the designated time?” Jonathan remained seated in a carefree manner.

He couldn’t care less of others’ humiliating remarks and considered them just another bunch of imbecile fools unworthy of his time.

Anderson remarked in a sarcastic tone, “You know what? I’ll spare you ten minutes and see if you can achieve something that’s going to take others a century! I’ll kneel in front of you if you’re telling the truth; if you can’t, I’m afraid you’re the one taking an express trip to hell today!”

Anderson made himself clear he wouldn’t allow Jonathan to walk away after humiliating him and ruining his birthday banquet. Otherwise, others might consider him an easy target in the future.

“Ten minutes is all it takes since Mr. Goldstein has said so!” Harrison had faith in Jonathan when others wouldn’t stop making fun of him.

The members of the Blackwood family are going to regret their decision to pick on Mr. Goldstein in ten minutes!

“Ha! I’ll spare you ten minutes if that’s the case!” Anderson didn’t even bother to conceal his murderous intent to take the duo out.

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