Chapter 35 The Gulliford Residence

“Why don’t you let Faye stay here to keep you company?” Asher was smart. He knew Jessica did not want anyone to know about her relationship with them, hence he avoided calling her “mommy.”

Jessica lowered her head to look at the little girl in her arms, who had pink, plump lips and long lashes that fluttered when she blinked. The sight of her made Jessica feel reluctant to part with Faye.

“Okay. Then, all of you must be good and go home, okay?”

“Okay.” Asher and the others nodded obediently. Faye quickly crawled into Jessica’s embrace, unwilling to leave no matter what.

Jessica occasionally fed Faye while digging into the food Lina brought. However, jealousy flashed through the eyes of Asher and the others as they watched Jessica doting on their sister with their arms crossed.

Not long after, Monica arrived and took them away, leaving Faye to keep Jessica company.

“Are you feeling better?” Faye’s voice was extremely sweet, and her actions were just like

Jessica’s. There was a common saying about sons looking like their mothers and vice versa. Yet, Faye did not look like Trevor at all.

“Yes. With you around, I feel better even without medicine.”

sing you a song. Dylan taught me how to sing. Can I


and gently released Faye. The latter got off the bed and stood beside the window, gently clutching the hem

“Twinkle, twinkle, little star…”

innocent, leaving Jessica and Lina completely immersed in the

some time, the voice faded, and Faye gave a polite

clapped in amazement. She

amazing, Faye.” Jessica gave the girl a

so lucky to have a daughter like her.” Lina loved girls. Unfortunately, all three of her children

and nodded, stroking Faye’s

Trevor, who walked

looks like Jessica… he

Jessica, “Ms. Jackson, there’s a man standing by the

door. As soon as she saw Trevor, she instinctively pulled Faye into her embrace. “When did you

tone sounded slightly

Trevor did not answer Jessica’s question. Instead, he informed Lina, “I need you to get things ready and send her back to the Gulliford residence.”

“Why? I don’t want to!” Jessica shook her head vehemently. “The Guilliford residence? Is he going to lock me up there? No way! I still need to take care of my children. I can’t go with him,” she pondered.

“Jessica, you don’t have a choice.” Trevor cast her a disdainful look and glanced at Faye, who was in her arms, before leaving the room.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Jackson. I don’t dare to disobey Mr. Gulliford’s orders,” said Lina gently. With that, she turned around to pack some of the necessities.

Soon, someone brought them out of the hospital’s VIP room to the Gulliford residence.

Jessica did not want to go there, but she did not dare to go against his words. Trevor was someone capable of doing anything.

Moreover, the Queen family was already heavily in debt because of her. She could not let them lose their lives for her.

Meanwhile, Faye followed Jessica to the Gulliford residence. It was Trevor’s private residence where only he and the housekeeper lived.

The Gulliford residence had a magnificent view and was in a strategic location. It was decorated with a western and luxurious style.

“Jessica, you’re not allowed to step out of the house without my permission.”

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