Chapter 34 He Picks Locks

Jessica returned the handkerchief to Lina, taking a deep breath.

“Well, about that—” Lina stopped herself halfway and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Just like that, Jessica was left alone in the master bedroom. There were many rooms in the VIP room, but she did not want to move.

She feared facing Trevor and Lina.

After having the oatmeal Lina brought over for lunch, she fell into a deep sleep.

After some time, amidst her drowsiness, she felt a pair of small hands pushing her.

She opened her eyes and turned over to see who it was, only to be surprised by the sight before her.

“Asher, Bennett, Emery, Faye? What are you four doing here?” she asked.

get into such a place? Wouldn’t

them here. Since Bennet knows how to cure sicknesses, I brought him along to cure you. Emery knows how to pick open locks. With him around, we can go anywhere. Well, as for Faye, she can’t do anything, but she’s cute. She

how to pick open locks?” Jessica frowned, her eyes filled

was already shocking news. Never did she expect her other two children to be

Asher nodded, blinking earnestly. “Bennett can cure

can pick locks. Only Faye doesn’t know how

She looked extremely cute with the two pigtails hanging down her pink

apologize to your sister now,” said Jessica, pretending to be angry. Hearing that, Asher pursed

forgive you this time.” Faye shot Asher a mischievous look

then, the door was suddenly

who entered with the food, was taken

thinking, “Are these Mr.

They looked a lot like Trevor when he was younger. After all, Lina had taken care of Trevor since young.

“No, no.” Jessica quickly waved her hands. “You’ve misunderstood it. These are my friend’s children, not Trevor’s.”

“If Lina finds out about this, she’ll definitely tell Trevor about it. If that happens, I won’t be able to keep them a secret anymore,” she mused.

“Oh, they look a lot like Mr. Gulliford. Anyway, are you hungry, children? Do you want to have some food?” Lina asked gently, gazing at the children, feeling as if she was looking at a younger version of Trevor from ten years ago.

“Be good, okay? I’ll get Monica to send all of you home.” Feeling helpless, Jessica pulled out her phone to make the arrangements. She really wanted to leave with them, but if she were to escape, Trevor would definitely harm the Queen family.

For the sake of the Queen family, she could not leave.

Faye leaned to Jessica’s ear and muttered softly, “Mommy, I don’t want to leave. Can I stay here with you?”


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