“Hurry, run! The bad guy is going to eat us up!”

As Trevor was tugging at Faye, Asher suddenly grabbed Faye and ran away.

He led his siblings and slipped into the crowd.

“Mommy said we should stay away from this bad guy. Otherwise, he’ll arrest us. We’ll never get to see Mommy again,” he thought to himself.

“Mr. Gulliford, they—”

“They aren’t my children,” Trevor replied grimly as he snapped out of his reverie.

Staring at the kids’ backs, he pulled out his phone to call someone to escort the kids to a safe place.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Gulliford,” Natalie apologized. “They really look like you, so I—”

“Arrange for someone to send them home.”

“Got it, Mr. Gulliford.”

In the break room, Jessica had barely regained her voice when she heard the servers talking outside.

never knew

utter nonsense. They aren’t Mr. Gulliford’s kids. What if Mr. Gulliford overhears you? Do

are practically mini-versions of Mr. Gulliford! How could they not be

clear that they aren’t related. There are plenty of people who look like each other in this world who are not

break room, Jessica felt her heart skip a beat when she heard the contents of their conversation. There could be many kids who resemble Trevor,

to find them

room and asked around, but no one knew where the

twentieth floor, but the kids were nowhere to be seen. If the children were in a place with surveillance

in Cerulean

her speed and limped

kids saw Jessica pushing the door open, they

are you here?” Jessica

idea why the kids would come

your phone’s location with his laptop. We miss you and decided to come to visit you,” Faye

the bunch and never lied. Thus, she ratted

and kicked at the ground anxiously.

down, he thought miserably, “I missed Mommy too

more next time. Stay at home instead of wandering about. Do

“Mommy, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again,” Asher promised.

“Good. I’ll send you back home now. Oh, remember to keep our relationship a secret. Don’t let anyone find out that I’m your mommy,” Jessica reminded them.

The kids bobbed their heads.

Despite not knowing why she asked them to do so, they would definitely listen to her words.

They were on the twentieth floor, so it was impossible for them to climb down the stairs. Jessica led them to the eighteenth floor carefully before taking the elevator to the first floor.

Monica received Jessica’s call a while ago and was already waiting at Cerulean’s entrance.

Jessica could finally heave a sigh of relief after the kids left with Monica.

She whipped her head around and promptly bumped into a chest.

The familiar scent made her heart skip a beat. Lifting her head, she saw Trevor’s handsome face mere inches away from her.

His brows knitted together as he stared at her with his deep, dark eyes.

“Do you know the children?” he inquired icily.


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