My Three Darlings by Anonymous

My Three Darlings by Anonymous

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My Three Darlings by Anonymous
My beloved three
Eliza's life has been ruined by them: her boyfriend and best friend.
Five years ago, her boyfriend's career was at its lowest point and Eliza sacrificed everything to support him. However, her best friend tricked Eliza into becoming a surrogate mother. When her boyfriend had a successful career, he dumped Eliza because she had lost her virginity and had a baby. It was just an excuse for the love affair between husband and wife.
Losing all interest in life, she agrees to marry Mr. Valentine, a deformed billionaire who likes to torture women in bed. It is said that two of his former lovers died a horrible death in their beds.
Eliza did not know that Mr. Valentine was the man she once held her child with. In this way, she got a handsome husband and lovely twins...

My Three Darlings novel

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My Three Darlings by Anonymous

My Three Darlings by Anonymous

279 Chapters

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