Chapter 63:

Agreement Jenna’s POV “Give it back to me, you asshole!” I yell at James, who has taken my phone away from me. “Fuck! You texted her? What did you say?” his thumb scrolls down my phone screen as quickly as possible. “The truth!” I bark “The truth she should have known a long time ago!! Now give it back you filthy, disgusting liar!”. I rush toward him trying to snatch my phone back, but he quickly dodges me again. Before I can reach him, he has found my text message to Natalia. “Oh, thank god you haven’t told her anything specific,” he heaves a long sigh, apparently relieved.

I can’t believe how shameless he is.

“You should be ashamed of yourselves! Both of you! Eason is a pure devil to plot against her like this and you are no less! How can you help her to hurt an innocent girl’s heart?! Are your hearts made of stones??” I roar, i

An hour ago, when James was in the shower, I took his phone and checked his messages with Eason. I’ve always sensed that something is wrong with that dude. And their messages proved me right.

Turns out that Eason was going to make Nat fall in love with him first and then before dumping her, and then humiliated her on her mom’s anniversary party in front of everyone. My stomach swirls thinking about those messages. Those scums deserve to burn in hell!

“OK, I know you are angry. But hear me out first please?” James gestures me to calm down. “I won’t deny that Eason and I did some shitty things in the past. But he has changed. He loves Natalia and they are happy together now. Do you really want to tell her the truth and ruin their happiness?” 

“Their so-called happiness is entirely based on lies and manipulation!” My mind is clouded by anger. “I won’t argue with you because a scumbag like you clearly can’t understand. Now give me my phone back!!”

He takes a deep breath and shakes his head, “No. “What do you mean ‘no’?! You can’t stop me from giving her the full story—” Suddenly, he raises his hand and tosses my phone into a glass of water. Shocked, I scream and lunge at it, but it’s already too late. My phone is ruined already. “Are you crazy?!! Are you out of your fucking mind!” Igrab him by the collar and roar to his face. “You think this is going to stop me? I will go down there and tell her face to face!” His jaw tenses.

“You can’t leave this apartment now,” he says in a low voice. “I’ve told Eason already and he is coming down here. His bodyguards will track you down if you leave and it’ll be ugly.”

I’m shocked beyond words.

I am also a little

Natalia in the dark? I take a deep breath, then suddenly turn to run. My fingers barely touch the door handle

me!” I scream, kicking my legs violently.

arms tightens, “Jenna, just play along for this one time, OK?! If Eason gets here-if he sees you like this

he do?

still doesn’t let go. This piece of shit must be a real supporter of

and a group of people pour in. Someone drags me

His face is calm, but somehow, I can sense the storm coming my way if I don’t cooperate. I swallow and ask him nervously,

dazzlingly handsome I must admit. I can see why Natalia fell for this guy. But I also notice that

shiver down

you want Jenna. You are Natalia’s closest friend, and I take you as my friend as well. But do you want to take away our happiness? After so many

stares at me and then his face grows dark. He slowly rises up from his seat and sighs,” Then you will not be leaving this room, I guess.” My heart almost stops. I take a quick glance at those sturdy bodyguards and then back at him,” w-what do you mean I’m not leaving this room? You can’t stop

while I presume, no cell phone, no food and water, till you agree to board the next flight back to Miami and never speak

my fist so tight that my nails are digging into my flesh. Deep down, I know he is telling the truth. And he is also fully capable of doing those shitty things to me.

turns to one of his bodyguards and gestures him to come forward. The man takes

say another word about it to Natalia in the future, there will be legal consequences. You major in journalist as I’ve heard. You don’t want to get yourself into any legal and PR

so cold, heartless

filthy rich. The wealth he possesses basically gives him the right to do whatever


no need to be this tough. Surely she


“If she makes the decision now, of course she can eat. You can even take her out for a fancy dinner afterwards and that’s none of my business, ” Eason shrugs.

James sighs and lapses into silence again. I shot him a furious glare. That’s it? He is so unbelievably weak. I can’t believe I slept with this dude. I feel tarnished.

“OK I have to go. Nat is still expecting me at home,” Eason takes a look at his phone and says.” Jenna. Please think about it, OK?” He walks toward the door. I stare at his back as rage starts burning in my heart. Before he exits the room, I shout out to him, “You know you can’t keep her in the dark forever, right?”

He pauses for a short moment.

“Oh I can,” he says slowly. “And I will.”


Natalia’s POV

My curiosity is totally aroused by Jenna’s message. She texted me an all-caps message and then simply vanished. I tried texting back, calling her, “nothing. Where did she go?

And she said that she wanted to tell me something about Eason. Did she find out anything about him?

I suddenly become very nervous. It’s hard to describe how I feel right now. I don’t want to hear anything bad about him since we have been so happy lately; but this happiness also feels like a dream. I also don’t want to be kept in the dark I sit on the sofa, waiting for her reply for a long, long time. A few hours later, Eason is back ..

and I still haven’t heard back from Jenna yet. “What are you doing there?” he places the take-out on the table and comes to kiss me. “I ordered Thai food.” I’m a bit distracted, “I can’t get in touch with Jenna. Is she with James?” “I don’t know. Probably,” he asks casually. “Why do you want to get in touch with Jenna suddenly?” I can’t let him know that Jenna was going to tell me something important about him. So I push my thoughts to the back of my mind and sit beside the table with him. He hands me the fork and suddenly his phone buzzes. He takes a quick look at the phone, then a mysterious smile appears on his lip. “What’s that?” I ask while gobbling down the Red Curry Chicken. I’m starving. “Oh nothing. It’s just an agreement that needs to be signed. I didn’t think that person would sign it but I just heard that she caved in anyway,” he smiles. “It’s a relief for me.” “Agreement? Something to do with the company?” “Yeah something like that. Nothing to bother you with,” he reaches over across the table and holds my hand. “This is our first night in this apartment. And there will be so many nights like this to come. Do you know how happy I am?” “I don’t. But I can imagine,” I look into his eyes smiling. “I love you Eason.” “And I love you more, babe.” He lands a gentle kiss on the back of my hand.


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