Chapter 26 Can you handle this

That swammed Melody. Donis stepped back but of their way in haste. What happened to her? Daris caught a glimpse af Melody with wide, classy eyes and foam coming out of her mouth as they lited her from the ground and carried her off to the nedical ward. Doris placed her hand against her chest and tell her heart beat race beneath her hand. Was she allergic to the flower as well? Was she…

“What happened to her?” Prince William asked, his brows furrowed. He looked around the room as if the answer might come forward. Each and every one of the guests looked just confused and homified as Prince William did.

Each of the royals glanced at each other with their brows furrowed in their own confusion. Guards crowded around then with their blades drawn as if waiting for the prisoner to try and take one of their lives as well. Someone in this room put that in Luna Queen’s soup and caused Melody’s collapse.

Oh no, Doris thought and gripped her checks. Melody wasn’t truly dead, was she? Doris hated every ounce of her, but she would never wish death upon anyone. Even someone that almost killed her the other might

Jack stood from his chair, it was only then that Doris realized he had been the only one still seated during this ordeal. “I saw exactly who did it!” Jack’s gaze slid right to Doris, just as everyone else’s did. He lifted his finger and pointed right at her, she

the soup before we delivered li Es Lily



Two sirds were her side in a breath, thay grabbed her arms tight as they could not couldn’t even think to run, Doris Kasped from the TOTEKLIF and accusation. “I Do! I would never da such a thing

“I think she intended the soup to be far Lumia Queen.” Jack continued, his eyes naftowed at Daris. “I saw her switch them, thank the goddess that my mother hadn’t had a chance to take a bite yet!”

“Nal” Doris winced when their grip tightened. “I didn’t poison anyone! Especially not my own lady

“Doris would never do such a thing.” Prince Martin spoke up calmly, he held out his hands is if trying to ease the panic in the room. “I may not know her Very well, but,”

“Exactly! You don’t know this maid very well at all.” Jack interrupted. “I heard rumors that this maid had stolen from Lady Melody and beaten as punishment. Perhaps she wanted revenge—”

“No!” Prince Daniel spoke up next. Doris was a little startled that either prince had cared enough to defend her in front of everyone. She didn’t think anyone in this room Would ever have risked Speaking up for her. It would have warmed her heart if she wasn’t so terrified of what was to come. Would they kill her for this? “Prince Martin is right, Doris would never do something like this to anyone! Even someone that was cruel to her, I know she has a wonderful heart. Please, let her go.” Prince Daniel pleaded.

“And how would you know what this maid is capable of?” Tack scoffed. “I saw her do it myself! 1

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Prince William stayed silent he watched then argue before him. His lady w possibly dead, and he said nothing while Jack accused Doris of doing the unthinkable. He wore in emotionl mask, Doris wondered how he could possibly manage it after what they’d all just witnessed.

say you saw me poison the bowl. why didn’t you say anything?” Doris asked Jack with tears rolling down her cheeks. “Why

to accuse her of this, he could have easily stopped her with one shout and Melody would’ve been fine. Doris searched his face and only siw i small sense of

parted his lips, his cheeks slightly red. He quickly calmed himself and cleared his throat. “It was too late, I didn’t think you were doing what you did at the time. When I heard Melody choke, I knew what you’d done and

his gaze lingered sadly on Doris. “I believe Doris when she said she didn’t do what you claim. This has all

me Prince Martin. “Please, let

just a little, but not much. Jack looked at the

were all here, no one else

lie about such a thing!” Luna Queen said loudly. She glanced at the area Melody had been a moment before as if she were wondering if it could have been her. “This majd has been nothing but trouble since my birthday started, and how she has murdered

Martin and Prince Daniel stepped a little closer in case he decided to put his hands

an ingredient that Luna Queen was allergic to! I didn’t know the soup was poisoned.

Jack turned away halfway through her explanation as if he never wanted it. “Take her

cried, her eyes locked with Prince William but unlike his brother, he didn’t say a word in




his hands faldad

Waylon growled inside him. “You know the wouldn‘t be capable

didn’t poison Melody? You know they didn’t like each other.” William silently responded to

the palace

the Alpha king step up to him. The king had two guards Hanked

want you to make the judgement for yourself.” King Charles said. His voice was deep and allowed no room for questions or hesitations. “Listen to all sides before you let the anger cloud


I believe Prince William

as the blanket Doris searched for the source and found there wilis a tiny window that was much too high for her to even out of, but it had to window

bars slammed shut and locked. Doris slid down the wall and hugged her knees to her chest. She’d felt it ther, the dam inside her break as her tears poured out. She tried to silence them, even when she choked. She didn’t want anyone to hear her misery, she pressed her face against the prison gown and tried to muffle every sound. Why was this happening to her? She wasn’t even supposed to be at the party! She was supposed to be

a few days before her being poisoned? They’ll surely think it was her, just 25 Jack had

her to

The outside was gloomy, though she couldn’t remember if night had passed or if it was all in the same day.

her own uniform had been collected almost immediately after she slipped it discreetly off her body. It felt as if they erased her title as maid and replaced it entirely with prisoner the second she stepped through the cell

tapped along the bars of her cell before a boy sild

came in with him and stood by the wall as if he wen a shadow of the prince. “How’re you doing? I’m so sorry they put you in here I’ve tried convincing

felt strange speaking to him face to face now that she knew he was royalty. She’d acted so comfortable with him before as she cleaned his

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