Chapter 25 I didnt mean

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Didn’t he? Or he didn’t carece her when che Anmed. He did my W when she asked if he was a guard. He’d iren taldi her he had to participate in the search der Prince Daniel when they had other guards calling his niarne, Why did he tell her his name was David?

This whole time she thought she’d made

frend with someone who worked for the Castle like her..

Doris slowly lovered the wine battle back on the table as they stared at each other. She knew he could see the buurt un her gaze; he quietly shook his head as if Erying to plead with her. As if to tell her not to be sad. Luna Queen had seemingly lost all her interest in him, she turned her attention back to her son Jack and spoke quietly with him instead.




Cart ta te her friend? [T

was lying about will he is the whole time Muyt he thought she would rat

Course she would. She would have not bin so calm and cash mund – forys

Her entire life here had taucht Hier

  1. s. Maids menin’t mean to be friends with princ.




involved with the prince clearly he didn’t even want her to know he was royal Her eyes found Prince William’s again, he looked as if he’d seen the whole exchange

alvin, he lady hadi his sel thoughts of

desw y. It was ilm ! Hint for the first CHIR, FHxt withe man ind the disert before s Try to p. Uniless they made her slay late and clean up, too. Which wouldn’t Eurprise her. Melady uld probably Jau 15 she followed Prince Williath back to his room to spend the night. Dans shivered a little. Anything was better than standing outside their door again as they made love, that was perhaps the worst thing she ever had to do at the

pushed out froin the kitchens, it held dozens of bowls of soup to be served to the royal members. Doris inhaled the scent of freshly cut vegetables and broth, it made her Stomach crumble a bit. She was glad the crowd was laud enough to drown out the Sound of her hunger How long had it been since she’d eaten last? Beth had brought leftovers to Doris but she hadn’t had a chance to

her home in his heal. Doris WS fully pred to stay in bud and rest with all that food, but now she had to

her nerves. She wished they wouldn’t stare at her as she passed, Especially the monster with

to intimidate her in public. Or ever. She looked

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face far more of

William Must have been desperate for distraction from all of this, it was obvious

in his dinextion in if his very existence was bothering him. Doris

bothered her 15 well. Fiut for entirely different

passed by her. Donis followed him to the tray of SOUDS iind began to set eachi bowl ini front of the intended puest. The kitchen left small rame places next to each bowl. she glanced up

sighed when she picked up Prince William’s bowl, she carefully


No him.

He ha



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