#Chapter 20 You’re nothing like a lady

Doris walked to her room wearing Prince William’s coat over her torn dress. It was huge on her, it fell past her knees and gave her a small sense of comfort from the warmth. It even smelled like him, but that wasn’t something she cared to remember. As Doris reached her door, she noticed Ms. Shirley and two other maids were gathered in front of it. They turned when they heard her approach and she could see the smirk crawl up their faces as they observed her. Great, Doris was sure a rumor was already spreading about her night with the prince. No one would believe her when she would tell them she didn’t sleep with him. The gossip of a lady’s maid sleeping with the prince was just too good for them to believe anything else.

“Good morning, Doris. Lady Melody asked to see you immediately.” Ms. Shirley said.

Doris swallowed and went to step past them to get into her room, but they wouldn’t move. “May I have a moment to change first? I’ll be fast—“

“Lady Melody demanded you be present now. Please don’t make this harder than it has to be.” Ms. Shirley threw a look at the other maids and the girls quickly came up to stand on both sides of Doris so she would walk where they wanted her to. Melody would surely lose it if she saw Doris with a torn dress and Prince William’s coat. Doris shivered at the thought of what Melody might do to her for this.

When they arrived to Melody’s door, the first thing she noticed was the velvet bag on the table. Doris paled when she realized it was the bag of gold she hadn’t had a chance to pass on to Peter after she kept it, but she thought she’d hidden it so well—Melody stood from the table angrily when she saw Doris.

She must have searched her room after she left Prince William’s chamber last night. No doubt looking for something that would land her in trouble. She found the only thing in her room that she didn’t want anyone to find.

“My lady, we’ve brought Doris.” Ms. Shirley announced, Melody walked out with fire in her eyes. Doris stumbled back when the two maids let her go and moved out of Melody’s way.

“You stupid bitch!” She screamed as she barreled into Doris and knocked her to the hard ground. Once she was down, Melody kicked her stomach as hard as she could with her pointed heels.

lady, please…” Doris tried to beg but was only offered several more kicks to her stomach, it became too painful to try and speak. Each time she opened her mouth, a bit of blood

nasty thief!” Melody shouted. Would anyone help her? Or would they only watch as she was beaten by Melody? “What were you going

Doris coughed out. “I didn’t do

So why did the prince make me leave and

saw Melody’s anger flare when she noticed who’s coat she had on as well as all the marks on her

harder than she had before. Doris screamed for mercy, but Melody refused to give it. Soon Doris felt faint as blood blurred her vision, she tried to curl herself up but Melody only kicked harder. Ms. Shirley

lady, please stop. You’re killing

am going to kill her!” Melody screamed, it

passed when she woke up, but the moment she opened her eyes, every sense of pain slammed into her at once. She groaned from the feeling, too afraid to move and make it worse. Her entire

didn’t sleep with her despite the room


all the girls

silent for a moment. “So, she just stole

“I’m afraid so.”

looked like the cruelty of a killer, Doris only hoped she was quick about it. When she reached Doris, she stepped on her hand without any sense of hesitation. Doris opened her mouth to scream, but no

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