#Chapter 19 The night isn’t over yet

Doris looked down at her hand on the door handle and kept silent for a moment. She didn’t just hear that—


“Close the door. Since your lady has left, you stay here to serve.” William said simply.

Doris slowly turned to face him. Stay with him alone? For the whole night? Why would he want her to do that?

“Your majesty, I should go get Peter. I’m sure he would—“

“Are you defying me?” He frowned and sat up a little more.

“No! Of course not,” Doris said quickly.

“Then shut the door.”

Doris let out a low sigh and turned back to the door. Her nightmare was coming true, wasn’t it? How would she ever survive the night alone with him?

“I—I can wait out in the hallways, your majesty.” She offered, a bit of hope dangled inside her that he would let her leave. After all, he hated her. Didn’t he?

“Shouldn’t you be glad you’re here?” He snorted, she flinched at the sound. “Isn’t this what you wanted when you tried to tip Peter?”

Doris burned at his words, but stayed silent. She couldn’t tell him the real reason she was bribing Peter. She lowered her eyes to the ground and went to sit at the chair near his end table. She picked at her nails and tried not to focus on how close she was to his bed.

Her eyes shot to him when he sighed. “Candle.” He reminded her.

to blow out the candle on the

She could hear him settle into bed,

the stench of alcohol on him that night

felt her mouth was much too dry.

wondered to herself. He’d just had a cup, perhaps

trip over herself in the darkness as

grabbed her wrist. The cup shattered against the floor as she was pulled on top of him. “Oh!” She

feel his hot skin through her uniform, she scrambled to stand up but he grabbed both her hands. Their eyes locked, she saw a bit of a storm in his gaze. His eyes lowered to her mouth and suddenly he flipped them over so he was on top of her. He pressed her into his silk sheets, she gripped

hear the smirk in his voice, her eyes blurred with tears. His face fell when she kept shaking her head and struggling. “You really know how to earn a

he want to

his eyes raked her features for any sign she’d felt their mate bond like he did. It didn’t seem like she felt it at all, perhaps if she did she wouldn’t be playing with his emotions. On one hand, he’d caught her trying to get his

to let Waylon take over

he instantly reached to undress her. She pushed at him with all of her stretch and managed to get out from under him. Her dress tore down the front and left her

stared at her in shock when he saw her mark—the real mark he’d left upon her neck.

at himself

She would not cry in front of him, she would not collapse. Doris lifted her chin, she would be

their dignity, freedom, even their lives for him and his wealth. They dressed up every day desperately hoping for his attention or even an extra glance from him. They fought with each other over who would be his favorite as if

abuse Melody gave her if it meant the amnesty would be signed. But there was no way she would ever give up her freedom for some man. Even if that man was

never in a

response as if he fully believed

you, not sleep

if I insist?” Prince William threatened, though his heart didn’t

of the butter knives resting by the

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