#Chapter 13 There was never really a point to have a fated mate

Doris covered her ears the second she heard the first moan. Her mind flashed back to that night—she couldn’t shake the images of him from her mind. She didn’t want to imagine him when he was on top of her or the way his lips felt trailing down her skin. It was beyond wrong to ever think of him that way, he wasn’t meant for her and she should be glad of it. But it was so hard to forget when she could hear his same groans through the door. It was as if her mind planted her right back in that moment with him. Her heart raced with fear when the images wouldn’t stop.

The sounds only grew louder and deeper as if each one were banging against her heart from the inside. She pushed harder against her ears to ward out the sounds, her back slid down the wall and she stationed herself as far from the door as she could possibly get.

Please, she begged herself, just fall asleep.

She silently prayed it would all stop. She prayed sleep would overcome her and relieve her of this nightmare. Everything will be fine tomorrow, she promised herself. She wouldn’t remember a single thing if she just fell asleep now. It would all become one horrible dream that will hopefully fade once the morning comes. right?

The halls grew darker as the night wore on, the castle descended into a silence that only sleep could provide. Doris still held her hands against her ears long after they finished. Dry tears marked her cheeks, she could still hear the sounds echo in her heart. Of all the things Melody had done to her, this felt like one of the cruelest.

Doris opened her strained eyes to see a foggy morning outside the tall windows. For a blissful moment, she’d forgotten everything from the night before. It only came back to her when she heard the sound of Melody’s sticky voice behind his door.

“Good morning, your majesty.” Her words were laced with sleep and sweetness, Doris wanted to gag.

“Up already? Perhaps I didn’t wear you out enough last night.” Prince William teased, his voice husky. Doris cringed at the thought of their night and closed her eyes tightly to clear her mind from it all.

Melody giggled, her pitch high and almost forced. Doris hugged her knees to her chest and shivered, longing to escape to her warm bed.

the sounds you

Melody asked with a light

same as that night.”

Doris felt her cheeks flame. Had he been thinking of her when he was… with Melody? Did he wonder why she didn’t sound the same as Doris did the night he attacked her? Doris shamefully remembered the lustful

again with a tone

long trying to get Prince William’s attention and earn a night with him—only for him to compare her to someone else. One wrong word and Melody could lose everything with him. His

that night… Melody didn’t sound like the one he marked because

did well. I think we’re done here.” William said as he pulled open the door. His

when she neared him, she lost her balance and stumbled into his firm chest. He gripped her arms to steady her, she looked up

moment William

fucking thing last night.”

she left the room and

her this time? You’ve steered me wrong before.” William spoke with a bite to his words as he watched the small girl in his

your veins

he was right. He felt the shock in every inch of his body when he held her. He’d never felt that way with anyone before,

“Your majesty…” Doris said.

at his side fully dressed. Her wild

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