#Chapter 12 This doesn’t feel right.

Doris followed them out silently, her cheeks still burned against the cold air. Prince William’s footman led them towards an area neither of them recognized.

“Where are we going? Melody asked.

“We’re going to Prince William’s bedroom, my lady.” He responded.

Melody looked even more surprised than Doris felt. Everyone in the palace knew that Prince William never brought a woman back to his own bedroom. He usually slept with them in one of the many guest bedrooms in the castle. Tonight it seemed he was ready to show just how much Melody truly meant to him. Doris felt her stomach turn at the thought. Why did she even care? Perhaps this would brighten Melody’s mood for once towards Doris.

“Oh! Yes, good… lead the way.” Melody’s excitement caused her to stumble over her own words like a lovesick fool. Doris refrained from rolling her eyes.

“You must be so disappointed, aren’t you?” Melody whispered after a few moments of silence. Doris furrowed her brows in confusion until she continued. “Weren’t you the one that asked me not to lower myself? And look where we’re headed, to his personal bedroom. Am I too low for him now?”

“Of course not.” Doris looked away quickly incase the truth showed in her eyes. How would she act if she knew Doris had never given Peter the tip?

Doris’s chin so she would look at her. “Did you hope I would’ve been ignored

released her chin and kept walking. If only Doris was allowed to throw the bag of gold at Melody’s face to show that her advice was right and Melody was the one that had been

closer she took to the man made her body feel strange. She couldn’t tell if it meant she wanted to get as far away from him as she

one in the library, he had a huge fireplace with a warm fire already started. Velvet couches, a dining area, doors that must have led to his closet and bath room. It was all so… grand. Her eyes drank in the detail of his private room. Many maids had

with a book grasped in his hands. He looked relaxed, calm and so unlike everything he was outside of this room. He lazily flipped the pages as he read, his white untucked shirt rode up high on his firm stomach and she tried to tear her eyes away from the sight. He looked… so gentle in this moment. Doris watched as he bit his lip in concentration, a bit of messy black hair had fallen into his eyes but he didn’t seem bothered by it in the slightest. It was no wonder so many women had given up their freedom for a chance to be with him. Even if it never ended up well for them, she could see why they wanted to try.

for life—he wasn’t gentle or lovable, he was just a monster. Doris’s eyes watered when she remembered the way it felt when she thought she was going to die at his hands that night. The way his blue eyes glowed under the moonlight and how his growl echoed through the trees, she’d never forget the way he called her his mate. She’d also never forget the heavy

heart flipped in her chest when he looked up from his book, his piercing blue eyes met hers for only a second before he found Melody. Slowly, she released

at the top, he didn’t bother to close it as he neared them. Doris swallowed and tired not to follow the lines of his muscles through his shirt. He was… so tall. He towered over all of them and she had to tilt her head back

batted her lashes at him.

mind. “I can smell her… a sweet

our mate? You’re sure this time?” William asked his wolf

one else in the palace has her

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