Alpha Asher novel By Jane Doe chapter 12
The absolute last thing I wanted to do was run to Alpha Asher, especially after what happened in the locker room.

I had no excuse for being out by the swimming hole again, and was equally dreading and anticipating his reaction.

I walked back to the packhouse, my stomach a mess of knots and confusion.

“I wonder who is friend is.” Maya inquired, sending her thoughts flooding through my head.

I grimaced at her words, “Whoever it is doesn’t seem like a friend to us.”

“Why leave notes for us though?” Maya shook her head, “Something isn’t adding up.”

“Maybe his friend just likes toying with people.” I shrugged, “Tyler sure does.”

That’s how the fifteen minute walk to the packhouse was spent. Maya and I exchanged theories and questions, neither of us coming to any conclusion

I walked into the packhouse and was instantly greeted by Alpha Asher’s Beta. I hadn’t seen him since he questioned me the night of Katie’s death.

“Lola, right?” Beta Drake cocked his eyebrow at my sudden appearance.

While Alpha Asher failed to intimidate me, Beta Derek was an entirely different story. I had no intention showing my indimidation with his scarred body and towering form. Chris was right about one thing, bigger men are much slower and fall harder.

“Thats me.” I nodded, looking around at the newly referbished packhouse.

The training grounds was a separete wing of the packhouse, positioned off to the side of the property.

The main wing of the packhouse held many bedrooms, and the Alpha’s office. I had spent many of my childhood years in this packhouse, running around with Tyler. It was both refreshing and saddening how much the house had changed. Tyler’s Mom always had the house in light pastels. Hints of blue’s, yellow’s and pink’s were thrown about.

Alpha Asher must have referbished the entire thing when he took over the pack. The light pastel’s were now gone, replaced with white and small amounts of black. It gave the packhouse a clean and pristine look. It looked more like a show room rather than a house that people lived in. There were no personal items decorating the walls, not a single picture in sight. A house that once held two generations, was now barren.

“What did you come here for, Lola?” Beta Drake raised his eyebrow, peeking over the page of writing he held in front of his face.

I cleared my throat and steadied my nerves in the process, “I need to speak with Alpha Asher.”

Something danced in the back of Beta Drake’s eyes, something curious. “And why would you need to speak with the Alpha?”

I pursed my lips together impatiently, “It’s about Katie’s death.” I lied.

There was no way I planned on telling Asher’s Beta my ex-boyfriend and old Alpha made an appearance on pack territory. The first thing out of his mouth would be to ask me why the hell I didn’t alert them immediently.

Beta Drake set his paper down among the others and locked his eyes on my own, “And why didn’t you provide this information the night of her death?”

“I didn’t make the connection at the time.” I clenched my teeth together. I always hated lying, but this wasn’t a conversation I wanted to have with Beta Drake.

Hell, it wasn’t a conversation I wanted to have with Asher but I didn’t have a choice in that matter. I’d take Asher’s punishments over Beta Drake’s wrath any day.

“Then why don’t you tell me instead?” Beta Drake proposed, and I found myself growing more impatient.

I sighed, “I’d rather just tell Alpha Asher if you don’t mind.”

Beta Drake paused for a moment, and finally a deep smirk formed on his face. “Very well, but I’ll inform you now that he’s very busy. He won’t be happy you interrupted him.”

“Is he ever happy?” I grumbled, unable to keep the words from leaving my lips. I clamed my teeth down with an audible ‘click’.

absolutely no self

going to dignify that statement with

need some luck.” Beta Drake replied, a hint of a smirk lingered

followed Beta Drake down countless hallways quietly. I knew the house like the back of my hand, but there was no way I’d tell that to Asher’s Beta. I’m sure it was still common knowledge that I had dated the previous Alpha, but I appreciated that

Drake led me to Tyler’s Dad’s old office and stood in

knock.” Beta Drake gestured to the door

incase he tries to kill me.” I raised

at my words. “Don’t count on it. Best of luck.” And with those last

now or never.” Maya

to be a little more positive.”

way.” Maya shrugged, “I’m positive he’ll kill us if we wait

It was silent for a few moments, and I jumped when

peaked the door open

large desk in the middle of the room, his honey colored eyes trailing the words

snapped, his eyes still glued to the paper in

and I clamped my lips shut, simply standing in silence until Alpha Asher decided to look up

passed and he slammed his papers down with a loud thud. His honey eyes burned with irritation when they met

Alpha Asher snapped, his handsome face contorting into a grimace, “Haven’t bothered me enough for

my face and I concealed it with a snarky

approachable.” I smirked at him, “I

His honey eyes were turning darker by the

clothes and now wore some casual business clothes. His button down shirt was rolled

as he stood from his

Lola.” Alpha Asher growled, his chest rumbling from the

lost in thought when I felt

Asher snarled, his hand tightening around my

Asher, pain coupled with pleasure and sent exciting tingles down my legs. The thought of his punishments were becoming

Tyler.” I gritted my teeth as the name left

returned to his eyes as he dropped

commented, his eyes locked

between my legs at the sound of his rough voice saying, ‘good girl’. It was almost as intoxicating as his

launched into what

out the fact I was recieving notes from an unnamed stranger. I couldn’t fully process that fact on my own, and the last thing I needed

darker as I

the swimming hole, Lola?” Asher’s voice had taken on that deadly calm

don’t see why I can’t go there.” I huffed, “It’s out

isn’t working alone. Which means whoever he’s working with

watching the fire in Asher’s eyes burn brighter at my

call for the others?” Asher’s voice was

he’s pissed.”

be more

called for the others, we would’nt have found out any of this.” I huffed, crossing my arms

the others, Tyler would be in my hands.” Asher growled, taking another step towards

“Tyler was up to something, there was

growled, “And you over estimate

eyes at his own words, but I refused to cringe under his firey gaze. There was not a chance in hell I’d give Alpha Asher the satisfaction

boyfriend.” I snapped back

Asher paused for a moment, “Did you

If any other Alpha had taken over our pack, my next actions would definitely earn me a death sentence. I wasn’t sure what kept Alpha Asher from killing me here and now. I’d like to think it was my charming good looks and absolute refusal of obedience that tempted him into keeping me around. Nonetheless, my next actions weren’t something I was proud of.

At Alpha Asher’s words, I was seeing red. Maya had roared to life and fueled my own anger. The two of us had completely forgotton who Alpha Asher was, and lunged at him.

I had never been angry like this before. Angry to the point where my vision clouded and I tasted metal on my tongue.

Alpha Asher’s expression didn’t change as he watched me charge forward.

Before my closed fist could reach Alpha Asher’s face, I was slammed rougly into the wall. My fists were yanked above my head, secured against the wall by one of his hands.

My chest rised and fell rapidly, the adrenaline from my anger slowly subsiding.

“sh*t.” Maya persed her lips.

I huffed in response, “This was as much as your fault as it was mine.”

“Here’s to hoping he doesn’t kill us.” Maya sighed, “I wouldn’t mind another one of those punishments.”

“I suppose that answers my question.” Alpha Asher commented more to himself, as he restrained me against the wall.

His eyes were fully black now as he looked at my restrained position.

The combination of my low cut tank-top and my arms pinned above my head forced my bre*sts together and up.

I’m positive my face was flushed, and my chest continued to rise and fall rapidly. The rage I was feeling had subsided, but my breath refused to slow.

Alpha Asher’s blackened eyes were staring me down.

It felt like searing heat lapping at my skin as Asher’s black eyes trailed down the side of my neck, lingering on my lifted bre*sts.

I watched in equal parts horror and confusion as Asher skillfully removed the belt he was wearing.

I’m sure my eyes were practically bulging from the thoughts running through my head.

“Why is he taking his belt off?” Maya had the same frantic and lu*tful tone as I.

What was Asher doing? The prospect of feeling his length inside of me sent a wave of pleasure emerging from my core. I had clung to my v**ginity like a raft, and yet I was more than willing to throw it at a demanding Alpha.

A cruel smirk formed on Alpha Asher’s perfect face as he watched my large eyes trace his belt.

“Did you think you wouldn’t be punished?” Alpha Asher’s voice was strangely soft, while his darkened eyes burned with intensity.

My stomach lurched with excitement, and my underwear instantly began dampening at his words.

All thoughts about my vginity were out the window. My puy throbbed and ached to be filled with his length. The time nor setting mattered. He could throw me over his desk for all I cared.

Alpha Asher released my hands and spun me around, slamming my chest against the wall.

My arms were yanked behind my back and a squeak of pain left my lips.

Realization dawned on me as Alpha Asher wrapped his belt tightly around my wrists.

The pain melted with pleasure, only amplifying my lu*tful desire for the hot-headed Alpha.

His office was quickly filled with the clear scent of my arousal, but this time Alpha Asher didn’t retreat.

He let his fingers gently intertwine in my hair before he yanked my head back.

I peered up into his black eyes, the want and desire plain on my face.

“You thought I was going to fk you?” Alpha Asher’s rough voice was questioning as he looked down at me. “Only good girls get fked, Lola.”

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