His fingers were slender, but they weren’t pretty due to the huge knuckles. In addition to that, there was a thin layer of callus on his palm, which wasn’t something one would see on the hands of a pampered individual.

Sasha felt her head go blank before another pair of hands appeared in her head.

Yes, this is exactly how I remember that pair of hands! The fair and slender fingers… The huge knuckles that looked like they were sculpted out of marble… The fingernails that look so smooth and shiny…

Sasha was so shocked that she froze on the spot.

“Sha? What’s wrong? Um… You know what? Maybe we should just keep the money in our savings instead. The Wand family is going to start over again soon, and we’ll be needing a lot of money then,” Lance said, thinking she was reluctant to hand over the money.

He knew Sasha’s family would need a lot of money as Rufus would be released from prison soon, so he decided not to accept the money she offered.

After he left the house, Sasha staggered for a bit and threw herself on the couch as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Why didn’t I believe it? I had a clear view of it back in Corleon, but I kept telling myself that it was just in my head, and that it wasn’t real. Damn it, how could I lie to myself about something I saw with my own eyes?

Sasha clutched her heaving chest tightly as she felt an overwhelming combination of joy, pain, and shock surge through her.

Regardless of what happened between them, he had always been the one she truly liked deep down inside.

years that she couldn’t

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of that, and she simply lay on the

the time Lance had bought the groceries

Could your mommy have gone out or something?” Lance mumbled when he saw that the lights were off in

heard that and ran into the house. “I’ll go check

the case as Sasha was

the groceries in the kitchen and took about twenty minutes to make

was about to serve the poached salmon he had made, a slender hand reached out

“Here you go…”

Lance jumped in surprise when he

took a step back, and that was when he noticed


fine. Go ahead and serve

out of the kitchen in a hurry, leaving a confused Lance rooted to

means she’s been home the whole time… If

The sound of Vivian’s voice snapped Lance out of his train of thoughts, and he quickly plated the dishes before serving them up.

After that, the three of them sat down at the table and had dinner as usual.

Lance was a little hesitant at first but decided to speak up anyway. “Sha, you don’t have to tell Andy about the extra money you made, right? I mean, that’s tens of millions! With Uncle coming out of prison soon, we’re probably going to need that money.”

Sasha, who was feeding Vivian at the time, looked up at him upon hearing that. “Of course not. Why do you ask?”

It’s not like I wanted to bring this up, okay?

With that thought in mind, Lance quickly avoided her gaze and said, “Oh, no reason in particular! I mean, it’s a lot of money, so I was worried that Andy would find out about it. Just thought I’d remind you, that’s all!”

Sasha paused in her actions.

Remind me? Is it Lance reminding me, or is it the other guy?

Sasha felt her heart that had finally calmed down begin to ache once again, and it hurt so bad that she could barely hold her spoon steady.

Lance went to bed in his room shortly after dinner.

Sasha gave Vivian a bath and was about to tuck her in as well when she asked all of a sudden, “Are you feeling sad, Mommy?”

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