She grumbled while staring at Lance, but he ignored her completely.

With a gloomy look on his face and both hands in the pocket of his blue hoodie, he kicked open the door behind her and stepped inside.

I swear, this guy’s rudeness knows no bounds!

Having no other choice, she could only stand by the door and wait for Willow.

“What are you doing standing there like that?”

“I’m waiting for Willow! She’s right downstairs!” Sasha shouted into the room in response, only to have Lance come back and drag her by the back of her shirt collar.

“Ah! Hey! What are you doing? Let go!”

“Did you get so scared that you’ve lost your mind? There’s no way Willow would come to a place like this!”

Lance was so angry that his veins were bulging out of his neck as he dragged her inside. Damn it, I wish I could just pack her into a bag and send her back to Moranta! How can she just believe everything people tell her? Is she an idiot or what?

Sasha continued to struggle. “You’re the crazy one! The lady at the front desk called me and said a woman named Willow had come to see me!”

“Then why didn’t Willow call you on your phone instead? Did you block her or what? Why would she have to call the hotel’s front desk just to see you?”


stared blankly at Lance, unable to say a single

just called me on my phone, so why didn’t she? Why would

down her spine as the sudden realization dawned

Willow, then…

Sasha’s face, Lance continued dragging her to the dinner table as he said, “How the hell would I know? Maybe it’s one of those organ-trafficking syndicates that target ignorant girls like you! They lure you downstairs by pretending to be a friend

all over instantly upon

“Shut up!”

I haven’t even gotten to the worst part! Human

Shut up! How dare you scare your cousin like this? I’ll slap you to death if you don’t stop this nonsense

clamped his mouth shut with her hands to stop him from

on Lance’s face as he stared at Sasha who got so scared that she literally climbed

couldn’t care less about her ego. She locked and barricaded

the hell out of here first thing in the

couch in the corner,

in trouble too if

packing their bags

a simple breakfast prepared and laid out on

packing up? Did you

the first thing she’d

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