Sasha was completely dumbfounded.

“What exactly are you talking about? What has Brandon offered me? I just met him today! How am I supposed to get anything from him?”

“Am I supposed to have the answers? Sasha, you better stop challenging my limits and pushing your luck!”

Suddenly, Sebastian approached her menacingly.

Feeling threatened, Sasha took a step back. Bam!

She bumped into the door that was widely opened. The defenseless woman was taken by surprise and staggered, falling backward as a result.

The man shot daggers at her, but instinctively he pulled her over. By the time he returned to his senses, she was already by his side.

A woman’s shriek could be heard in the room. Sasha, who had merely put on a thin sweater, was in Sebastian’s arms.

For a moment, time seemed to have stood still. Everything around them stopped moving.

Neither of them moved, but Sasha could feel the man’s warm embrace and a seductive scent exclusive to him.

Her mind went completely blank, and she couldn’t control herself, feeling as though she had been electrocuted.

He’s hugging me!

was all over the

wanted to confront her about her relationship with Brandon, including how they

end up in such an

gaze and stared at the horrified woman. Her glistering pair of eyes brimmed with tears as her cheeks reddened

“L-Let go of me…”

her heart racing while she was in the domineering

body. If she were to raise her

refuse to move away from her, she might pass out because

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Sebastian asked hoarsely. His

her was taken away by the



I have nothing to do with him… H-He used to drop by Hayes Residence to visit your father quite frequently

exuded such charm, it was tough for

Sebastian got to the bottom of Sasha’s relationship with Brandon, he stared

to stay away


enunciated her one-word reply, Sebastian lowered his head and

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