The Legendary Man Chapter 16

“Anyway, you can’t call the police,” Emmeline pleaded as tears streamed down her cheeks.


As expected, Margaret’s heart softened at the sight of her daughter’s tears. “All right, stop crying. I won’t call the police,” she said, her voice a mix of exasperation and indulgence.

Yet, when she turned to face Jonathan, her expression changed to that of a vicious witch. “Jonathan, would’ve called the police if Emmeline’s reputation wasn’t at stake!” she spat, anger coursing through her veins.

“Whatever!” Jonathan’s patience was at its limit. “Will you or will you not call the police? If the answer is no, I’m leaving now!”


“Stop right there!” Margaret yelled harshly. “Tomorrow morning, head to the City Hall with your household registry and file a divorce!”


Her order left no room for discussion, and there was a finality to her tone that warned Jonathan not to disobey her.

That was the exact imperious tone of voice she used to order Jonathan around back then. As though the latter was free labor in their family, she made him do the tasks of a housekeeper and cleaner.


“I won’t file for a divorce!” Jonathan’s rejection was firm.

“You must!” Margaret roared. “Our family took you in for one whole year. Are you seriously hoping we’ll take you back?”


“I came back to repay what I owe Josephine. From now on,

laughed as though she had

but there’s no way someone like you will achieve success

contempt for Jonathan at all. Alvin is from an influential family. The cost of his dinner alone might be more than what you

a nobody. Even his father is nothing but an ant to me!” Jonathan sneered. Clearly, he had

governor of Jazona had to kneel before him, let alone the

he was a fool, she proceeded to ask, “Did you hit your head this morning? Who do you think you are? The governor of Jazona? Or the mayor of Jadeborough? Don’t

give Josephine ten billion if

told you he’s crazy, didn’t I? I asked you to stop waiting for him, but you refused to listen to me. Do you believe me now? Look at how he’s bragging about himself again. Why would you want to spend the rest of your life with


sick of her mother’s incessant derogatory

don’t want to see you here!” she barked, facing

three years ago, but he

into a rich family. But in reality, he couldn’t even afford to hire a proper prostitute that he found

 gagged at the

Josephine? She wants you to scram!” Margaret chimed in, adding

parasite!” Emmeline hissed as she gave him a

them welcomed Jonathan and wanted to get rid of him as soon as

words. If your family is forcing you to divorce me because they are in deep water, let me know. I’ll handle the problem for you.” Jonathan

Thus, he repeated his words before making his leave.

“Handle the problem? How?” Finally, Josephine lashed out at him. Raising her voice, she berated, “Stop spouting nonsense! Do you know who our family has offended? The Blackwood family! They are the biggest and most influential family in Jadeborough! Can you afford to mess with them?”

“Of course!” Jonathan answered coolly. “I can mess with anyone I want in this world. If someone goes against me, I’ll get rid of them.”

He was telling the truth, for Asura had wiped out countless prominent families in war.

Moreover, the most prominent family in Chanaea was razed to the ground by him, so there was no way he would be afraid of the so-called most influential family in the city.

“Hah! Wake up, Jonathan. Stop dreaming. Don’t think you’re invincible just because you got to know a few bigwigs!” Josephine snorted. She stuck her nose in the air and added, “Do you think you’re the only one with connections? The Blackwoods have more connections than you can imagine! Compared to them, you’re just a mere pest that they can stomp to death at any time!”

With decades worth of foundation in Jadeborough, the influence and connections owned by the Blackwood family were way beyond Jonathan’s imagination.

Jonathan might have come to know some big shots by a stroke of luck, but there was no way they would offend the Blackwoods for his sake.

Only fools would choose to trust Jonathan’s blatant lies.

“Get lost. We don’t need your help. You can’t help us, anyway,” said Margaret as she shooed him out as if he were a fly.

Instead of looking at her, Jonathan stared into Josephine’s eyes, his gaze unwavering. “The Blackwood family? All right. I’ll ask the head of the Blackwood family to get on his knees and offer an apology to you in one day,” he promised with a firm tone.


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