It was none other than Emmeline Smith, the youngest daughter of the Smith family.

She was Josephine's younger sister and his sister-in-law.

Why is she here? Jonathan wondered, a frown creasing his forehead. Before I left the Smith family, she was in her senior year in high school. Why is she in a bar now?

Moreover, Emmeline seemed to be drunk, for her gaze was unfocused, and her cheeks tinted coral. Jonathan's eyes trailed to her burgundy-dyed hair before his gaze dropped to her white mini skirt. With the hair color and skimpy clothes, she looked like a delinquent.

The frown on Jonathan's forehead deepened when he saw the hooligans sitting beside her. From their colored hairs and arms covered with tattoos, it was apparent that they spelled trouble.

“Come on, Emmeline. Have another drink! I'll give you a ride home if you finish this drink,” one of them urged as he raised a glass. Stealthily, he shook his hand, and some powder fell into the drink.

Meanwhile, another hooligan took Emmeline's arm and pressed her to drink it. It was clear that they would feed her the alcohol by force if she were to say no.

“I can't drink anymore,” Emmeline said, shaking her head. Clearly, she was delirious from drinking too much alcohol.

“Seriously? Don't be a spoilsport!” The hooligans shared a look before pouring the drink down Emmeline's throat.

Alas, Emmeline was not strong enough to resist and was forced to gulp down the glass of beer. After that, they helped her up and dragged her to the door. “Come on, Emmeline. Let's have fun tonight!”

“I wonder if she's a virgin. If she is, we've hit the jackpot!”

“It doesn't matter. We're not going to marry her, are we? That's none of our business.”

“Yes, it has nothing to do with us!”

past the crowd and brought the unconscious Emmeline to the

point, she could not even open her

they arrived at the door, a figure stood in their way. “Let

hell are you?” The sight of a busybody riled the hooligans.

dare you block our path? Don't

alcohol, the hooligans did not take the other person

repeat myself—let her go and get out of here!” It was

sister-in-law often insulted him in the past, she was still Josephine's sister. Otherwise, he would not have stuck his nose

b*stard!” One of the hooligans grabbed a beer bottle as

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Jonathan gave the hooligan a


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Come on, let's get him!” The hooligans swung their fists in

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when Jonathan raised his right leg and sent a flying kick in their direction. In an instant, the sound of bones

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them a forceful kick each, and the bones in their legs

they wailed in anguish, Jonathan helped the drunk Emmeline up and walked toward the

out of the bar when Jonathan suddenly

his body in her state of drunkenness. Her rosy cheek even rested on his shoulder as she breathed into

“Wake up!”

Jonathan put her down on a nearby bench before calling her, but she paid no heed to him and clung to him desperately. No matter how hard he pushed her away, she refused to move.

“Ah, I-I want you. Take me now, please. Hurry, I can't stand it anymore,” she pleaded softly.

Emmeline's eyes were misty as she kept breathing in Jonathan's ear. Without warning, she pressed her lips to his neck.

The moist sensation caused Jonathan's frown to deepen.

“Emmeline Smith, wake up now!” He placed his palm on her back, and a spurt of energy promptly traveled from his fingers into her body.

It was apparent that the hooligans had spiked the beer. Judging from her behavior, he easily guessed what substance they had used.

“Mm...” Emmeline let out a moan as the energy traveled all over her body.

Her irresistibly provocative moan sounded right by Jonathan's ear, but the man was not the least bit aroused.

After all, he had faced numerous seductions by gorgeous women from prominent families in the past three years. Compared to them, Emmeline was a nobody. Therefore, her seductive moans were of no use.


Shortly after, Emmeline came to her senses. She opened her eyes and did a double take upon seeing the man standing before her. Shaking her head violently, she muttered, “No, I must be drunk. Jonathan has been missing for years. He might even be dead! There's no way he's standing before me. Where's my drink? I need a stiff drink!”

Thinking she was drunk, Emmeline reached out for a drink. When her hand came into contact with Jonathan, she jolted awake.

Her eyes widened in shock, and she stared at Jonathan for a whole minute before screaming, “Jonathan, you worthless son of a b*tch! Why are you here?”

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