Read The Consortium’s Heir Chapter 134 – The drive to his university and smooth , and unhindered, hence it took him only thirty minutes to arrive at his university from his villa.

As this was the first day of a new semester and session, the environment was very rowdy. Pretty freshmen female students walked around the university with awe in their gazes. As Kingston University was one of the top universities in the country, its buildings and infrastructures were very impressive. It was no wonder the freshmen who were just seeing them for the first time were smitten..


Of course, the sharks in second year and third year students did not let the new female students who were like a bunch of fishes in a river waiting to be fished by the fisherman go freely.

“Hello, pretty. This building is the pride of the Engineering department. I can show you around if you want, that way you won’t get lost.” A second year student from the Engineering department said to a pretty female freshman.

The female freshman student turned to the male student who offered to show her around the university; and when she saw his face, she blushed hard.

The male student was tall and handsome, and he was dressed in designer and luxury brands from head to toe. An Audi car key was visible in his hands, coupled with the latest model of phone released from Nix Inc.

The male student had paid a lot of attention to his dressing and spent heavily to make sure he looked attractive, and from how the female student was blushing, it seemed to have paid off, hence a satisfied and proud look appeared on his face.

“Alright,” The female freshman student smiled shyly and accepted his offer, and interlinked her hands with the male student’s own.

Scenes like these could be seen happening in different areas of the university. Not only that, various flashy and expensive cars arrived at the university one after the other. Of course, one should not forget that Kingston University was mainly reserved for the wealthy, so it was expected for wealthy students to attend the university.

It was during this rowdy period that Darius drove his Bugatti La Voiture Noire into the university. As expected, his arrival attracted a lot of attention.

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire was a top luxury sports car that costs millions of dollars to purchase, and even more millions of dollars to customize, hence its beautiful and elegant appearance. As such, there was no way it would not attract the attention of the students, especially when they were on the lookout for wealthy students.

Darius maneuvered his car neatly and pulled it to a stop under the watchful gazes of so many students.

The male engineering student felt both angry and extremely jealous the moment the Bugatti La Voiture Noire made its appearance. The Audi that he was proud of didn’t cost more than thirty thousand dollars. When compared to a Bugatti La Voiture Noire that cost over twenty million dollars, the difference was glaringly obvious.

freshman student he was supposed to leave with was now rooted to the spot, her eyes fixed on the Bugatti

male engineering student who was suffering from the same dilemma. Other male students who had originally gotten other freshmen female students to go out with them were now cursing

that his appearance had messed up his juniors plans,

all sell silent and stared him

Kingston University, so when these freshmen female students

a loss on what to do when faced with

ladies left their various male counterparts and rushed over

they had no idea about Darius’ past

still contemplating on what to do, his phone rang. His face lit up as the opportunity he was waiting for

of the phone greeted politely, but there was

he heard the person’s voice. This was because the caller was none other

More than three months had elapsed since his last conversation and meeting

out for a date at a ten star restaurant under the Reid consortium, as Alice promised after he donated the largest amount of

he was unable to enjoy his meal because an acquaintance of Alice showed up during their date and interrupted their meal. However, it

to the female dormitory in the university which was where she resided. Since that time, there had been no communication between

Alice.” Darius replied

while since we’ve talked. Are you free right now? I want to treat you to coffee.” Alice

and checked the time

an hour left before his first class of the session

accept your offer.” Darius replied, a smile dancing on

let’s meet at Anthony’s café.” Alice

Darius let out a small smile after Alice ended the phone call. Anthony’s café was a popular yet serene spot for students in Kingston University. It was frequently visited by romantic lovebirds, and was a superb spot to host a quiet date. This was why Darius let out a small smile when Alice chose the café as their meeting place.

Nonetheless, Darius didn’t split hairs about this detail. Since the café was just a ten minute walk from his current location, he decided to walk there.

Meanwhile, back at the female dormitory, Alice let out an excited shriek when Darius agreed to the coffee date.

She had not contacted Darius since their last meeting because of how guilty she felt. She only mustered up the courage to call him today because this was the first day of the new school session.

When she called Darius, she was incredibly nervous, as she didn’t know how he would react. Yet, it seemed that all her worries were for naught, as Darius didn’t react the way she thought he would.

Excited to see Darius again, Alice quickly dressed up in one of her best outfits, put on light make up, and grabbed her purse before exiting the dormitory. Anthony’s café was only a five minute walk from the female dormitory, so she was not worried about arriving late.

Unknown to her, as she walked, a covert black sedan started tailing her. The driver of the black sedan made sure to maintain an inconspicuous distance from her, so that the sedan would remain unnoticeable.

Alice, unaware of the black sedan tailing her, hastened her footsteps and walked hurriedly towards Anthony’s café. Unable to contain her excitement and eager to reach the café earlier, she decided to follow a shorter route to the café.

Usually, Alice would never have followed the shorter route, as it was mostly deserted and lonely, hence a bit scary, but her excitement overruled her fear. Plus, she convinced herself that since it was broad daylight, and it would not take less than a minute to reach the end of the route, there was nothing that could go wrong. With that conviction, Alice made a short detour and walked through the route.

The driver of the black sedan was extremely happy when he saw Alice walk willingly into the deserted route. A deserted route was just what he needed, and Alice had provided it to him.

The driver skillfully maneuvered the black sedan and blocked the exit of the route. The doors to the black sedan opened and four burly men alighted from the vehicle. The four burly men looked extremely menacing, and they had guns with them.

Alice who had only taken three steps into the route went pale at the sight of the four men. She wanted to scream desperately, but no words came out from her mouth. She had gone dumb from fear.

One of the four burly men approached Alice who stood rooted to the spot from fright and gave a sharp knock to the back of her head, making Alice go limp in his arms. He then carried her and pushed her unconscious body roughly into the sedan. Seconds later, the sedan sped off.

While the process seemed long, it all happened in less than forty seconds. In less than forty seconds, Alice was kidnapped.

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