Chapter 19 I Took the Initiative

“I-It’s not your child,” Jessica stammered in reflex. She was fearful that if he followed the clues, he would discover the existence of the six children.

She reminded herself, “No, I definitely cannot allow him to find out that they’re alive!”

“Not my child?” Trevor slammed his fist on the bed, his eyes flashing with contempt. “Six years ago, it was I who took your virginity. Since then, I had my men follow you to make sure no other man would have you. Thus, who else can the child’s father be other than me?”

Taking a deep breath, Jessica closed her eyes in the face of his interrogation.

Once the lie had been violently torn apart, reality became nothing but a joke.

“It’s not important anymore.” Her voice was soft, while her tone sought to assuage his anger.

“Mr. Gulliford, given how things stand now, does the past still matter?”

“You killed my sister, and subsequently, my child. Jessica, how can you be so vicious?!”

Staring at the woman underneath him with his teeth clenched tightly, Trevor thought, “That’s my child. What right does she have to unilaterally decide to abort it?”

Overwhelmed by anger, he felt his blood rage through his veins as uncontrollable lust took over his being.

his gaze fixed on Jessica, he pulled away his tie before

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until he was 22 that he was overjoyed over their marriage.

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on the brink of madness as he thought, “Does she hate me that much, to be so unwilling to answer


to reveal Melissa’s figure standing at the entrance. She quickly understood what was going on when she saw the

Racking her brains, she swiftly came up with a conservative solution.

“Jessica, how can you do this to me? Trevor is my fiancé, for goodness sake.”

As her eyes rapidly reddened, Melissa turned around in tears and ran downstairs to inform

Jonathan, Vincent, and the others about what had just transpired.

Fighting the soreness in her body, Jessica got to her feet and put on her clothes. Even though Trevor had clearly forced himself on her, she was cognizant that Melissa would spin the story into one where she had seduced him instead.

Just when Trevor had gotten dressed and was putting on his tie, Jonathan barged furiously into the room.

“You shameless creature! You have the cheek to even seduce your sister’s fiancé. I will no longer recognize you as my daughter. You’re nothing but a disgrace!”

Walking up to Jessica, Jonathan raised his hand up high before swinging it toward Jessica’s face with all his might.

Suddenly, he felt a tight grip on his hand before his slap landed.

“I was the one who came on to her.”

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