“Looks like you guys haven’t seen my mommy. Bye bye!” Asher excused himself with a frown. “Geez… I only approached them to ask about Mommy! Who in their right mind would want to look like that man at all?” he thought to himself. “That kid even has a temper similar to yours. Sigh… Had you gotten married sooner, I would have grandkids like him by now!” Maximilian exclaimed as he watched Asher run off. Not wanting to endure another round of his nagging, Trevor quickly excused himself to help Melissa pick out a wedding ring. When Melissa saw Trevor approaching out of the corner of her eye, she deliberately grabbed Jessica’s hand and pushed herself with it. Of course, she made sure to position herself well so Trevor wouldn’t see what she did. All he saw was Melissa falling to the floor with her white dress sprawled out untidily and an aggrieved look on her face. “I know you hate Trevor and don’t want me marrying him, but I really do love him! Will you please give us your blessing, Jessica? Trevor truly is a great guy!” “What are you doing, Jessica?” Trevor yelled angrily as he came running over. Jessica let out a silent snicker when she saw the gleeful grin on Melissa’s face. She limped toward Melissa and helped her up as she said with a smile, “Melissa, I hereby swear on whatever part of my body that is still healthy that I give you and Trevor my most sincere blessings. I wish for you two to have a happy marriage and children of your own soon. If what I say is untrue, I shall die a horrible death. All I ask is for you two to leave me alone. Is that good enough for you?” Jessica then shifted her gaze toward Trevor as she continued, “What about you? Is this good enough for you?” Trevor frowned as his breathing grew ragged. “What’s with this inexplicable anger in my heart? Why do I feel so uncomfortable after receiving her blessing?” he wondered. Melissa was so shocked that she couldn’t even respond at all. “What? She’s not mad? Has Jessica returned to her usual arrogant and domineering self?” she thought to herself. “Can I go now?” Jessica asked as she was really worried about her kids. Naturally, Trevor wasn’t about to let her get away that easily. “No. If you truly meant that blessing, then you should stay with us until we pick out our wedding ring.” Jessica was about to say something when a guy made his way through the crowd and walked up to her. “Hey, Honey! I know it’s only a matter of time before we get our wedding rings, but you should at least let me choose it with you. Why did you come here all by yourself?” he asked while pulling her into his arms. “Alfred?” Jessica stared at him in confusion. “Did you find one that you like?” Alfred had an affectionate look in his eyes, and his face looked a lot fairer due to the contrast with his black suit. Clenching his fists behind his back, Trevor asked with a gloomy expression, “You two are getting married?” “What, did you not get the invitation, Mr. Gulliford?” Alfred asked with a smile. Trevor exuded an icy-cold aura as he shouted furiously, “Come here!” Melissa obediently made her way over and leaned against him as she said, “Trevor, I think Jessica might be—” “Come here, I said!” Trevor cut Melissa off and kept his scorching gaze fixated on Jessica, who was still in Alfred’s arms at the time. Melissa tensed up and held her breath anxiously when she saw the look on his face. “He’s actually talking to Jessica? It has been five years! Is he still bothered by her being with other men? No, I can’t let that bitch ruin my marriage! An excellent man like Trevor can only be mine!” she thought to herself. With Trevor still glaring daggers at her, Jessica took a deep breath and brushed Alfred’s arm off her waist. Alfred quickly reached out to grab her wrist as he said, “I’m here with you, so you don’t have to be afraid of him.” “This has nothing to do with you, Mr. Whiteburn,” Jessica replied while pulling her hand free from his grip. If Trevor could destroy her mother’s life in the Queen family, then he could definitely do the same to her with the Whiteburn family. As such, she didn’t want to get Alfred caught up in her mess. All Jessica wanted was for Trevor to leave her alone so she and her kids could live on happily in Horington. A faint smile formed on Trevor’s lips when he saw Jessica limping toward him. Although her response had soothed his anger a little, it still burned strongly within his heart. “Get her into the car.” “Yes, Mr. Gulliford.” “Mind your own business, Alfred! This is the last time I’m warning you!” Trevor shouted before storming out of the jewelry store, leaving Melissa there all by herself. Of course, he would have someone pick her up later on. He actually had no interest in Melissa and was only marrying her because Vincent wanted him to. “Mr. Whiteburn has nothing to do with this, Trevor. Just tell me what you need me to do so you’ll let me go. There’s no need to get anyone else involved in this,” Jessica pleaded with Trevor when he entered the car. She knew all too well how cruel Trevor could be, so she was afraid he would go after Alfred out of spite. “Start driving.” The driver started the car upon receiving Trevor’s order. “You have no reason to go after the Whiteburn family!” Jessica was starting to panic when she got no response from Trevor whatsoever. She had caused the Queen family enough suffering, so she didn’t want to repeat the same thing with the Whiteburn family. Having witnessed the amount of people affected by the downfall of a family, Jessica was determined to prevent it from happening again. Swoosh! Trevor pulled the curtain separating the front and back seats of the car. He then grabbed Jessica by the chin and squeezed hard as he asked, “What’s the matter? You like him or something? Why are you so eager to defend him?”

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