Chapter 530 There’s No Recording? 

Nydia stretched herself with smiling eyes and said lazily, “I really want to see Jordy‘s reaction after he listens to the recording, but I can‘t.” 

Gloria just smiled and didn‘t say anything. She looked very calm. However, her fingers were still dancing on the touch panel of the laptop. 

Nydia asked with some doubts, “What are you going to do?” 

“Such a good recording can‘t be sent to only one person.” 

“Ah? Didn‘t you say you would only send it to Jordy?” 

Gloria shook her head with a smile, “I‘ve changed my mind. I suddenly realized that I might change the current situation by sorting out the several recordings and sending them to someone.” 

“What do you mean?” Nydia was confused by Gloria. 

“I sent the recordings that I had sent to Jordy to Angela, including the ones that are favorable to me. If Angela doesn‘t want these recordings to be made public, she has to stop trying to hurt us. Otherwise, as long as something happens to us, these recordings will be made public. Angela still wants to persevere her reputation. She won‘t dare to hurt us in a short term.” 

smart.” Nydia said with a smile in her eyes. She felt great on this day. She had a fight with Angela whom she had been hating

dealing with documents in the office. After he finished talking with Joseph, Joseph agreed to his decision with great satisfaction.

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opened it. 

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do you want? When will you stop? Are you still not satisfied after hurting me so

might be because Jordy had a strong aversion to Angela.

he didn‘t hear Gloria‘s voice. It was Nydia

he heard Angela‘s questions again and then

just tell me what you want me to do so you can leave Jordy. Do you really not

breathing seemed to pause, and somehow he felt a

Then he heard Gloria‘s chuckle. 

“I said, I‘m not interested in Jordy anymore.” 

Jordy‘s face turned gloomy instantly, and the room was filled with a cold atmosphere. The low temperature suddenly spread out, making people in other offices feel cold. 

“But why are you still pestering him? Since you don‘t like him, why did you let him approach you?” 

Jordy pursed his lips tightly. 

“What happened before might be misunderstandings, but isn‘t it because of you that we often got embroiled with each other?” 

“When I put forward that plan, your father should have let me cooperate with the Brown Group. Then the things between Jordy and me wouldn‘t have happened at all. You were afraid that I would show my talent and affect your position in the company, so you prevented me from appearing in front of others and cooperating with the Brown Group.” 

“Save your high–sounding reasons. I didn‘t record our conversation, and I‘m not interested in spreading it around. And you didn’t come here for the recording, right?” 

Jordy immediately sneered. She didn‘t record their conversation? 


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