Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Authors:Shallow South
Num Chapters:2840
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Chapter 2843

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After being betrayed by a scum lover and her own older sister, Catherine vows to become the aunt of this shameless couple for revenge! Then she made a plan of retaliation. She becomes interested in her ex-boyfriend's uncle. Later Catherine was married to Shaun. Since then, she becomes a romantic wife to Shaun - the ex-boyfriend's uncle and always flirts with him.

Then Catherine suddenly realized that she was flirting with the wrong person! The man she worked so hard to flirt with wasn't even the scum's uncle! Catherine went crazy.
  "I'm done. I want a divorce!"

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 Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

Let Me Go, Mr. Hill

2840 Chapters

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