Chapter 9 The Backstory


The police officer responded, “Jonathan’s case file after he left the country at fourteen was blank. He returned about one and a half months ago and was last seen at Horington. He never had a case on him while he was in the country, but he could’ve done anything while he was abroad, and we wouldn’t have known.”


At that moment, Amber was certain that Jonathan was a dangerous person. That guy has traveled abroad at fourteen. With his skills, he might’ve done some illegal activities there. There must be a reason for his sudden return.

Amber took a deep breath, then turned around and went into the interrogation room.

Jonathan appeared bored sitting in the room when Amber walked in. He thought the latter looked charismatic in her police uniform. This woman is quite good-looking.


“So, how’s the investigation going so far? Can I go now?” he asked. “You know I was framed, right? It doesn’t make sense for you to keep a victim here.”


“Forget about it. How can you be the victim?” At first, Amber was wary of Jonathan, as she thought he would be a scary person. But as soon as he spoke, she instantly felt irritated. “You can still go to jail for attacking the police,” she added.

Jonathan let out a chuckle. “Hey, do you think I’m unaware of the law? You guys weren’t even hurt, and I even fixed your arm. I should only be fined 8 thousand and receive a fifteen-day detention at most for what I did!”


Amber shot a glance at him and said, “Okay. Jonathan, right? I’ll excuse you for attacking the police, but you need to answer what I’m about to ask you truthfully. If you lie to me, I’ll report your identity immediately.”

Jonathan glanced at Amber for a moment before he sat up without another protest. “Ask away.”

the country at fourteen. So, what


some rebels of small countries to fight against their government troops. But I’ve

the truth?” Amber

“No doubt about it.”

to come back. Not to mention you just so happen to be in Horington. Don’t tell me it’s because Horington’s your

Jonathan suddenly fell quiet.

glinted with amusement. I

Jonathan raised his head and said, “Since you’ve

“Tell me!”

took a bullet for me and died on the spot. He was from Horington, and his name was Connor Smith. Ten years ago, he killed someone and later escaped. From what I know, he had a little sister. So, I’m here to see her. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find

ruffians abroad in the modern society, assassinating others with their guns as they blithely lived their

their way of

Amber chose to

his temper, it’s no wonder he got so angry after Benjamin tricked him into stealing. It’s unlikely for a person like Jonathan to be a thief because people like him hate being a

head. “Okay,

left the interrogation room and quickly looked for another police officer. “Please investigate a man named Connor Smith. He used

“Yes, Captain Johnson!”

Jennifer had been patiently waiting for the interrogation. As Amber walked out of the room, she immediately went up to her

Amber looked at Jennifer aloof and interrupted, “Who are you to Jonathan?”

The latter was stunned for a moment before she answered, “I’m a friend of his.” She paused and added, “Jon was just trying to help. Last night, I…” She continued explaining about the robbery and told Amber that Jonathan was there just in time to rescue her.

Amber was slightly surprised and said, “Okay, I think you should head back for now. Once the investigation is clear and we find that Jonathan isn’t guilty, I’ll release him.”

“Can I at least speak to him for a while?” Jennifer requested while shooting her a helpless look.

“Not now,” Amber rejected.

Jennifer was reluctant to leave because she felt guilty. “If you’re going to fine him, I can pay for it. This is clearly bullying, Captain Johnson. Jon is the victim of this incident.”

Amber glanced at Jennifer and lowered her voice. “Please go take a seat. Like I said before, once the investigation is clear, I’ll let him go.”

The latter knew there was no point in arguing with Amber, so she quietly stayed aside and waited.

Soon, the police officer found Connor’s case files and reported them to Amber. “Captain Johnson, Connor Smith fled the country ten years ago after committing murder. His arrest warrant is still in the system.”

“Murder?” Amber questioned. “Do we know what his motive was?”

“It’s a little complicated. I think it’s best you take a look at it.”

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