#Chapter 7 Any woman would do?

His stone cold voice pierced through Doris’ heart and froze her to the ground. It wasn’t the first time she’d felt like his prey with no where to hide, no where to run. A desperate feeling to be free of him overtook her senses, but all she could do was stay still beneath his gaze.

The crowd around them held their breath as they waited for the scene to unfold before them. Their eyes eagerly flickered between Prince William and Doris, the silence made each of her breaths louder to her own ears.

“Your majesty, I—“ Doris hesitated and cringed away from him when she saw his patience run out. His cold features let anger taint its beauty like a flicker of flame ready to start a fire. Prince William gripped her arm, about to haul her up until a soft voice rang out behind him.

“Please, forgive me your majesty.” His grip loosened on Doris, everyone in the crowd turned to look at Melody. She knelt close to Doris, her head bowed. “Forgive me for hiding so long.”

“Hiding?” Prince William turned away from Doris to focus on Melody. Doris could have deflated from relief when his eyes finally left her, the look he gave her alone was enough to follow her back into her nightmares.

“I believe I’m the girl you’ve been looking for, your majesty.” Melody said sweetly, Doris knew that voice well. It was the same tone she used with those higher up than her to get exactly what she wanted. And it usually worked, not many men liked to refuse Melody. Her regular tone was much more cruel when it was used towards her fellow maids—especially Doris.

“You’re the girl I’ve been searching for?” Prince William furrowed his brows, as if he was confused. Doris was more than confused herself, a bit of doubt trickled in her mind. Did he mark more than one girl that night? Or was Melody—lying? To become his lover? To one day end up like Lisa? Doris curled her fists in her lap, how could she want that life for herself?

Melody stood without an answer, she walked straight into the booth and everyone stayed still until she came out again—including the prince. Ms. Shirley followed close behind, her face tired and worn from the day that just wouldn’t seem to end already. “She has the mark, your majesty. You may see for yourself.”

they both wouldn’t have the mark.

I did?” There was a bit of an edge to his voice, she wondered if his temper was already flaring at the idea

Doris, of course she resented him. Had he mistakenly marked Doris and intended his mate mark for Melody? It was possible he was just drunk and confused

kept you?” Prince William

was afraid… I was afraid you would see me

watched her for a moment, his eyes took in every inch of her. Melody

“Melody Harford, your majesty.”

William said in the same tone he said Doris’s name just a few minutes before. A ping of annoyance shot through Doris, she quickly swallowed it down. A second later, Prince William turned and left without another word. It happened so fast, no one had a chance to react properly

are you waiting for?” Mr. Carson sputtered to the surrounding crowd. “Dress Lady Melody up and escort her to

he marked. The former maid now wore beautiful gowns and jewels and no longer had to clean up after anyone, now

no way it was her, she’s definitely taking advantage of Prince William.” Beth said quietly to Doris, she threw a look

do you

the girl looked like. Any woman would do in that

Any woman would do?

Did he attack her because she was the first girl he came across that night? Of course that was it. He was drunk and confused. “She’s beautiful, I’m sure she could have charmed him without the mark. She never wanted to be a maid anyway, she always wanted more for herself and now she is. Perhaps we should try to be happy for her.” Doris

embarrass you in front of everyone. Why would you ever forgive her or wish her well?” Beth snapped. Doris knew exactly where her friend was coming from, but it was easier to be happy for Melody than be the one in her shoes. Not that she could

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