Chapter 23 At least William is capable of one

The day of the pity had the hallways buzzing with rush. Haris could hear the

vnts through her du 3 they hum pict shouting Onders to di along the way. Dahis reund 1 ninal sich as she brushed her fingers through her long hair, at least she hadn’t been Simonad ty Miludy yet. Her bruising had finally we down and was easier to cover with whatever makeup she had at the battern of her drawer.

Daris carefully dabbed each mark that could be seen when she wore her unifar, and then dotted a bit of rose öfto her cheeks and lips. It helped her appear less pale and more… lively. Ever since she returned from the medical Ward, she looked as if she were drained of life. It is about time she look somme of it back and allowed herself to take care of herself for once.

There was no point in moping around, no one was going to see her tonight anyway. Doris moved her hair behind her

El le lie in we dan her biri while the clip halten. She lined her Lichy and put on LUNDIN E must made her looks il

Even though the lin lin. 1 lich Whenever he moved, she wanted to lol her but for her . She tould not let Velody I. her down she is still here.

Aknak slanted Don, Eh glan Here ance more in the mirror and blushed before she open the duoT Chuck. Another maid wood with vide hazel eyes and bandaged hand, she looked a little chantly.

“Doris, I’m so glad to see you’re doing better” The mnald exclaimed. Dans recalled her name is Peany though she didn’t think they’d ever had 1 conversation before.

“Oh, hello Thank you.” Duris’s EYES fickered to her hand. Blood had started to seep through the white fabric. “Are you alreht?

“I-10, actually. I’m not.” Doris opened the door a little wider and furrowed her

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“TW ” intrup . “I will, I ju — – She swallowed her fine parimad oh,

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w ant to the ta help me the valuty. But – Eut my hand really und in the kitchen when I heard the thel Telling und… Now they’ll HD Hypt in empty and there’s no anel around En han_=

Der felt ber han at thunder when the knot what was commine next. Peony continued. “Will you stand in Breme, Llori? I can’t help with the party while bleading lavce their foud.”

parted, she wished she cauld HAY no. She wished she was the type of person to close the door and pretend she hadn’t been asked for help. She wished she could lay down and sleep until

wasn’t that sort of

your wound. Don’t

brightened at Doris’s words.

Dans Webher lips and quickly made her W

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that she WOT makeup and more fom fitting undon. She even left ha hais unbound, but there was no time

starting her. He eyed her Appearance but didn’t say a word about it. I thought you

Dons Viped her sweaty palms on her skirt. “Buat Peony injured herself and

stand off by the wall until someone gives you another order. Refill iny glasses that need it and tend to their needs, but stay out of the

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in elegance across the room. Gaiden tablecloths and vases with white Hozan sver plates, A Bit

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royals. Not one of them looked unhappy. Quins


golden throne her cyes immediately found him before anyone else and the Sight made her swallow. This was the man that might free her one day. He wore a dark blue

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realized his green eyes were on her. He sriled

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Prince Williams that she discovered why. He was the only one who wore black to this bright party, he stood out for more than just his handsome features



his hand

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