Chapter 31: A Nauseating Night 

The rest of the day was more of the same. Felix was stared at by everyone and was incredibly comfortable with this and frankly used to it. I was more used to being invisible and mostly hid behind Felix. Teachers were thrilled to have one of the Alphas grace their classrooms.

At lunchtime, everyone surrounded us, listening intently to Felix talk about anything and everything. They hung off his every word and tried to extra friendly with me. The four football players who had come to my rescue that day came over to say hello. Felix seemed to know about them helping me. Of course, Calix must have told him. They all bounced knuckles with Felix and talked about plays and strategies when it came to football. Felix, Alex and Calix had been the star players back when they were students here which was only about three years ago. Eventually we surrounded by the entire football team and the cheerleaders as Felix recounted how he and his brothers had been instrumental in winning the championship game. Everyone gasped and cheered during his tale. I ate quietly and kept my eyes downcast on my food. Felix nudged me.

“What’s wrong, Baby?” He murmured in my ear.

“Nothing,” I mumbled, smiling halfheartedly at him.

Felix frowned.

He had not done anything wrong, per say, but it was difficult feeling like the only thing that suddenly made me worthy was being mated to the triplets. Almost no one, including the triplets, had treated me like a person before I had been mated to the three beloved Alphas. Felix and I were invited to some house party by the head cheerleader, Moxie. I had no intention of going.

“You’re not going to this party without proper supervision, ok?” Said Felix sternly.

“I’m not going at all!”I protested.

Felix stopped in his tracks on the way to the parking lot. “Why not?”

He looked concerned. “Why don’t you want to go?” Asked Felix, his eyes wide. “If you want to go, one of us will take you, whoever’s shift it is will take you, ok?”

I shook my head furiously. “I hate parties!”I exclaimed.

Felix looked at me like I was insane.

“Why?!” Demanded Felix incredulously.

“Because, I hate dancing and crowds so naturally I don’t like something that combines those two,”||

said simply.

Felix smirked. “Chasity, you’re in high school! You should try to enjoy it. Make some happy memories, “said Felix encouragingly.

“Ok, sure, good talk,” I said dismissively, Felix frowned,

We had reached the car. Alex was here to pick us up with Calix in the passenger seat. Felix opened the

door for me and then he got in.

“How’d it go?” Asked Alex as though he’d been worried.

Alex rolled his eyes but smiled, clearly

Said Calix, looking at

more bullies,” I

our little Princess Chasity here is loving school

she wants to hang out with them

“No, I do not!”

brightly. “Why don’t we all go?” “A high school party?” Asked

throwing it. Her sister is in college. It’s

sounds cool,” Alex



“Come on, Baby!”Felix insisted. Why were they so

many of the pack members very well, old

Baby, and we’re sorry if we’re part of the reason you’ve always been in your little

a good opportunity to at least get to know some of the pack

continued Calix.

to the entire pack

learn the names and basic info about each member to

can’t help your children if you don’t know what their

her babies. A she-wolf has to keep a

Calix said.

bit. Being with the triplets meant I had to be their Luna. I technically already was in a biological sense. I’d been

for me until I

to the

all grinned

Third Person

would serve two purposes: one, to help their little luna get to know her pack members and two, to help get her mind off of whoever was out there trying to get her. They had already arranged for several pack warriors to come to the party dressed in plain clothes as party goers just in case they

attempted kidnapping

kidnapper, whose finger prints had all been burnt off and who did not seem to have been registered as a pack member, bore an interesting identifier, a full moon with


one she had said Chalice also had. The triplets had not shared any of this with Chasity yet. It was not keeping secrets. It was all part of an ongoing investigation. They wanted to present Chasity with something comprehensive and satisfying. They wanted the whole story. What

Chasity’s POV

a sparkly black figure-hugging mini dress and high heels. I left my hair down. I put on red lipstick that I felt suited me.

he murmured against my

plant kisses down my neck to my shoulder. He swayed with me back and forth on the spot as

There were teenagers and young adults in the porch, smoking, drinking, laughing and nodding their heads to the upbeat base-heavy music coming from inside. As I walked up to the porch, I

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