Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 33 – Senior Zimmer was deep in thought. He then nodded. Since he adored Zack the most in his generation, he soon turned to look at Mandy when he heard that. He then said, “Mandy, just go ahead. You don’t have to choose the time too. There’s no time like the present. Just go and negotiate a business deal with York Enterprise tomorrow. You must succeed. I won’t allow any failures!”

“Grandpa, I think that…” Mandy appeared upset. York Enterprise just scolded them. Now they want to go and negotiate a deal with that particular enterprise the next day. Would it not be like they were asking for humiliation themselves?

Senior Zimmer did not allow her the chance to speak more. He then said coldly, “It’s decided now. You just need to fulfill the mission, not to look for excuses!”

After that, all of the Zimmers present lowered their heads and stood up. They felt lucky. That was indeed an unfortunate task. The person who was chosen to do that was indeed unfortunate.

When they reached home, Lilian’s facial expression was terrible. Senior Zimmer did not have a good impression of their family. Now an almost impossible task was handed to them. They were really helpless.

A bang was heard. Lilian smashed a cup and scolded immediately, “That useless Harvey! Why don’t you ask him to come back sooner to clean up the mess and to cook? Does he want me to starve to d***h?”

Mandy said softly, “Mom, have you forgotten about it? He went and took my place as the hostage. He’s not home yet. I’m not sure if anything would happen to him…”

At first, we don’t even have any excuse to divorce him. Now he has got to agree to that no matter what. What a good-for-nothing!

took out her phone. After being hesitant for a while, she still did not


dressed up in a charming way and drove her Porsche to York Enterprise with

who served her was the CEO’s secretary-Yvonne. The secretary was not being civil to her. She smiled softly and

was stunned for a short while.


York Enterprise, she heard that the CEO’s office was situated at the highest floor. She could

of the CEO’s office. Mandy was then asked to take a seat. Yvonne smiled faintly. “Let me introduce myself to you first. I’m Yvonne Xavier, and I’m

busy looking through the information and documents. He claimed that he won’t be

a bad feeling. But she still forced a smile and said, “It’s not a big deal. But I heard that your company has added another eight hundred million dollars as investment funds. I would like to represent my family-the Zimmers to come here to negotiate

the shopping centre is quite good. We’ve decided to give you fifty million dollars as your investment funds. Our company has signed and sealed the contracts. Miss Zimmer, you can take the contracts back with you to read it through. If there’s no problem with it, you can sign and seal the contracts before you send them back to us during these two days. We’ll transfer the investment

“Miss… Xavier, you’re not joking with me, are you?” Mandy was filled with disbelief. ‘Didn’t their CEO just ask the Zimmers to get lost? Why did they change their attitudes so drastically? They even increased the amount of investment funds out of their own initiative.’ She never dreamed of such a good thing to happen to them.

Yvonne smiled and said, “The CEO gave such an order in person. At first, I planned to go and meet Miss Zimmer during these few days. It never occurred to me that you’ll come here directly. You helped me to get the thing done quickly. Thank you.”

Mandy was still in a daze. She could not recover her wits for a moment. But she still took up the contracts unconsciously. She then left the CEO’s office, being accompanied by Yvonne. She only recovered her thoughts when she reached her car.

She had accomplished her mission. Not only did she manage to get the investment funds from York Enterprise, the amount was more than what they had asked for in the first place.

After calming herself down for a short while, Mandy called Lilian, who was quite uneasy and worried at home now.

After a few minutes, the entire Zimmers were in an uproar.

Not only did Mandy gain the investment funds, York Enterprise even gave them fifty million dollars as their investment funds. With that fifty million dollars, they could carry out the construction and planning of the Zimmers’s shopping centre immediately.

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