Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 22 – Harvey glanced at Mandy in surprise. Harvey initially felt that his wife had neglected him since the beginning and did not care about him at all. Thus, he never thought that she would care about his safety at this moment. His heart warmed up thinking of this.

However, Mandy did not notice the change of emotion in Harvey’s mind. She was extremely nervous at this moment!

Who was this? This was Tyson Woods-the well-known Brother Tyson. Although she had not seen him in person, she had heard many people mentioning him.

Tyson Woods was said to be just a gangster a few years ago, but then he was recruited, trained, and groomed by somebody. Unexpectedly, he also fought his way out and finally made a name for himself in Niumhi.

Although Tyson had been in business and had become more restrained in the past two years, his reputation was still very powerful and intimidating where both the police and the triads had to give him some face.

bad end if he dared to

was about to pull Harvey, but

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Mandy, but the other members of the Zimmer family also stopped

tonight. Moreover, the one who was backing Don-the great Tyson was here. Whoever sided with Harvey tonight would

did not think so, they would not stand up for him. This was called turning a blind

said, “Mandy, what are you thinking? Why are you worried about this rubbish? Fortunately, he has nothing to do with the Zimmer family now. Otherwise, we–the Zimmer family are going to get into big trouble tonight!

“Right! Right!”

with him. Initially, it was nothing. However, this useless Harvey had now brought Tyson Woods here only because

Did he not understand? Everything would be okay if he just let Don beat him obediently.

He was so stupid and useless!

At this time, Tyson Woods came slowly with his hands on his back. He blew out smoke rings as he walked and said, “Don, don’t worry. You have helped me make money. I’m a person who would always return the favor. Since someone has the b***s to provoke you, then I shall ruin him today!”

Don was very excited. He then walked to Harvey arrogantly while feeling thrilled at the same time. He had always been flattering Tyson. He did not expect that Tyson would come forward to help him today. He had some face! It was said that many families had wanted to invite Tyson to dinner, but all of them were rejected!

With Tyson’s support, his marriage proposal tonight would be a done deal!

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