Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 20 – At the mention of Tyson Woods, everybody in the Zimmers drew in a cold breath.

Who was Tyson? He was a famous person in Niumhi. A lot of people wanted to curry favor with him, but they were unable to do so.

That future son-in-law-Don, was able to ask him to come over. Don was indeed quite an influential and powerful man.

Even Senior Zimmer looked at Don approvingly. He was somewhat satisfied with that grandson-in-law.

“You don’t want me to survive until tomorrow. Very well.” Harvey smiled. “I’m indeed curious. You’re about to lose everything, and you’re a useless person who will face bankruptcy soon. I wonder how you ‘re going to do that…”

Someone burst into laughter. “Is he out of his mind? Mr. Xander is a rich youth. His one -million-cheque is still here. How could he say that Mr. Xander is going to lose everything and face bankruptcy? Does he even know what bankruptcy is?”

and is either watching TV or reading novels. He doesn’t even have a good education. That’s why he’s talking nonsense

away immediately. If not, I’m scared that I may

the way, should

Why should we call the police? We should call the ambulance instead.

in the Zimmers was smiling happily. How dare that useless person be so stubborn here? He would have it easy if he

moment, Don’s phone vibrated again. He fished it out immediately.

misappropriation of the enterprise’s

up in j**l, you should know what you should or should

about something, but unfortunately, the

At that moment, Don could not recover himself. ‘Why did I go bankrupt all of a sudden?’

‘The live-in son-in-law made the right guess. He cursed me!’

But Don was a witty man. He soon recovered himself. Now the incident was not known to the others just yet. So he still could make use of some connections he had. But if he missed that chance that very night, this news might be revealed the following day. Then he might never get to be with Mandy for the rest of his life.

So no matter what, he must achieve his aim successfully that night since he had run out of all the other options.

Besides, the live-in son-in-law was indeed a pain in the a*s. It was better if he could k**l Harvey there and then in the Zimmers. Then he would be in the same boat with the Zimmers.

“Mr. Xander, what’s the matter?” Zack, who was beside him, asked him in a flattering tone.

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