Read Harvey York’s Rise to Power [by A Potato-Loving Wolf] Chapter 18 – Hearing what Don said, Senior Zimmer’s heart skipped a beat. ‘That’s right. If I let Harvey be with us still, the entire Zimmers would certainly be ruined by him.’

“Senior Zimmer, it’s your party here tonight. It might be unfortunate if you took the initiative to beat him up. Let me help you give this insensible good-for-nothing a lesson!”

Seeing that Don was about to beat Harvey up, Senior Zimmer had no intention to stop him.

Besides, the others from the Zimmers were enjoying the scene too. They had long been disgusted by Harvey and were eager to see Don beating him up.

Don smiled wickedly. He ran up a few steps, and he was about to swing a flying kick at Harvey’s face.

He had gone to the gym to train himself up for a few years now. He even learned Taekwondo for a few years from a so-called private coach and gained a black belt. At that moment, his kick appeared quite ferocious and strong.

an expert in Taekwondo with a black belt. It’s

If it were not for the fact that it’s inappropriate for us to beat him

him to pretend that he’s the CEO? He won’t even

holding back their laughter, eager

that kick, his

kick, Harvey had no intention to retreat.

to your mistakes this instant!”‘ It was beyond Mandy’s expectation that she would feel slightly worried when she saw that the good-for-nothing was about

such a long time that she started to have feelings toward him. She could scold and beat him up at her own wish,

you want to beat

clearly some impractical move taught by a terrible coach.

Yorks, Harvey needed to learn about

Harvey learned Taichi, and the one he knew about was Wu-Style Taichi, which was the most practical in actual combat.

Although he had not been practicing that for the past three years, it was okay for him to tackle such an impractical move by Don.

“Get lost!”

Harvey swung his right hand forward vigorously, and he held Don’s incoming leg. He then grabbed Don’s feet and lifted his leg fiercely.

A loud thud was heard.

Being high up in mid-air, Don was thrown off by Harvey just like that. He turned around in mid-air. Then Don fell on the floor harshly. For a moment, he could not even get back up. He was trembling, and he could not even scold Harvey for what had happened.


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