The next morning, Harvey who was still bleary-eyed and with messy hair went to the most prosperous business district in Niumhi by his electric bike.

York Enterprise was located in this prime location.

Yonathan called him last night and said that he had already completed the handover procedures for York Enterprise. If he signed the papers today, the company would belong to him.

Harvey was quite concerned about this matter. After all, he bought the company with ten billion dollars. That was why he had rushed here early in the morning without eating any breakfast.

Harvey was speechless when he reached the company. No wonder it was the most prosperous area in Niumhi. There were luxury cars everywhere. He rode on his electric bike here. If he just parked his bike casually, it would probably be carried away later.

He took a circle around the company and finally found a parking space at the gate. He suddenly heard a squeal of brakes as soon as he had parked his bike.

Then there was a bang. His electric bike went flying after being knocked by a Porsche.


Harvey was speechless. His electric bike was so unlucky. The battery was just stolen a few days ago and now it was hit by a Porsche.

Anyway, the Porsche was a luxury car. There were only a few scratches on the Porsche. However, his electric bike was scrapped at the rear, and it was impossible to ride it now.

‘The electric bike has been with me for three years!’

Harvey wanted to cry. He was very attached to this electric bike.

Meanwhile, there were also a lot of people who came up to see what had happened.

The Porsche’s car paint was very expensive. Could this guy who was riding the electric bike afford to pay for it?

“How do you ride the bike?” A beautiful woman pushed open the Porsche door and walked down, attracting everyone’s attention.


The people around were in awe of her beauty. This woman was wearing an exquisitely professional attire and walked in high heels. She was so elegant, just like a lady that came out from a painting.

Such beauty would be in the spotlight wherever she went.

“Wendy?” Harvey smiled. What a coincidence. He did not expect to meet his old classmate on his first day at work.

Although she did crash into his electric bike and him, he would forget about it since she was his old classmate.

Harvey did not intend to hold her responsible and was ready to go up to say hello. At this moment, Wendy saw him.

“It’s you? Harvey? Why are you here?”

Wendy became nervous. Harvey bluffed the classmates at the Platinum Hotel last night. Why was he here today? Did he follow her? Did he come to scam other people?

Wendy was filled with hatred when she thought of this. She bought this Porsche with a loan and spent more than seven hundred thousand dollars. She cherished her car very much. She never thought that this scammer would add a few more scratches on it today. She did not know how much it would cost to repair it.

“Harvey, why are you doing bad things? You even learn to scam people!” Wendy said aggressively.

“This, you are the one who crashed into me, okay?” Harvey looked speechless. “I initially wanted to just let it go since we were classmates. How could you say that I hit you?”

“What happened?” At this moment, a middle-aged strong man walked over quickly. He was the company’s security chief. He brought a group of gruesome guards along.

Seeing this scene, the security chief recognized Wendy and quickly said, “Miss Sorrell, what happened?”

There were rumors that Wendy would be promoted to the position of general manager. Hence, the security chief was anxious to find an opportunity to flatter around her, shamelessly sucking up.

“Can’t you see?” Wendy said coldly.

The security chief smiled and said, “Miss Sorrell, you can rest assured, I will deal with him for you.”

He walked up to Harvey as he was talking. He kicked the electric bike and shouted. “Who are you? Don’t you know that this is the exclusive parking space of York Enterprise? You are not allowed to park your electric bike here!”

“Oh, it’s so cool, who made this rule?” Harvey said coldly. He was not angry at first, but when he saw someone kicking his electric bike, he could not help it.

“Who made it? Of course, it’s me!” The security chief said coldly, “Don’t talk nonsense. Just pay for the damages and apologize to Miss Sorrell, or else, I will send you to the police station today.”

Wendy slightly frowned hearing the security chief’s words. She then said, “Forget it, it shouldn’t be made easy for him. Just let him pay for the damages. Don’t send him to the police.”

Harvey glanced at Wendy. He did not expect her to still have a little kindness. However, he still pointed at the electric bike on the ground and said, “Open your eyes and see clearly. I parked here first. Then she crashed into me. I’m already very nice for not asking her to pay for my damages. Instead, you want me to pay for her damages. Are you out of your mind?”

“You!” The security chief pointed at Harvey. “Is this guy stupid? Miss Sorrell has already decided not to call the police, but why are you still insisting that she pays for your damages? Who would drive a Porsche and hit your electric bike?”

He gritted his teeth and continued, “Look carefully, these are our company’s private parking spaces. Outsiders are not allowed to park here.”

“Oh, what a coincidence? I am also working in this company.” Harvey shrugged.

“Then how do you dare to offend Miss Sorrell? She could easily make you lose your job with just a sentence.” The security chief looked at Harvey pitifully.

‘This kid is so poor. His clothes were bought from the stalls on the roadside. He rides on an electric bike to work. He should be a cleaner, right? If he offended Miss Sorrell, I’m afraid that he wouldn’t even have to wash the toilet, right?’

“Who is this? Why haven’t I seen him before? Isn’t he afraid of offending Miss Sorrell?”

“Yeah, we are all on the same side. Why go through all that trouble?”

“Maybe he just wants to attract Miss Sorrell’s attention!”

“It makes sense! It turns out that he’s a toad trying to swallow a swan! Does he not look at himself in the mirror? He’s wearing cheap clothes. What is he thinking?”

Harvey remained quiet.

A few employees who were on the side looking were all gossiping about Harvey softly at the moment.

Wendy frowned and said, “Are you working in our company? Who recruited you? Why don’t I know? But with your attitude, no matter who recruited you, I’m telling you that you are fired. I don’t need you to pay for my damages. Just get lost with your electric bike!”

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