Chapter 866 Susan and Kathleen Are Too Similar

However, even if that was the case, Susan refused to give up!

On the other hand, Sofia had begun talking to Kellen about Group Six’s progress.

“I’ve confirmed the specific members of Group Six, but I haven’t decided on the concertmaster and associate concertmaster yet as I’ve been uncertain about the candidates for these two positions.” Kellen told her about the biggest problem he was currently facing.

Hearing that, Sofia thoughtfully scanned the members standing next to her and ordered, “Play a piece for me.”

Saying that, she walked to a chair at the front and quietly listened.

After a brief pause, the members immediately became excited. It was clear that Sofia planned to guide them.

Not long later, the practice room was filled with the pleasant sound of music as everyone showed their best performance and played even better than usual. Among them, Susan stood out the most. If someone from outside the industry listened to them, they would only think that their playing sounded beautiful, but Sofia found many problems, and the biggest of them all was Susan.

piece, everyone looked at Sofia expectantly. Living up to their expectations, she

in the entire group. Whether it is your skills, musicality, or stage presence, you’re quite seasoned, but you stand out too much. Besides, your

hearing Sofia’s words, the other members of the orchestra began discussing in soft

Susan’s playing style is too powerful.

don’t know why, but I keep getting the feeling that she’s a lot

felt so too? So did I.

you mentioned it, Susan and Kathleen’s playing styles are

for more than 20 years, and some habits had been integrated into her bones. Even if she deliberately changed

playing style in the past, so I’m used to imitating her interpretation. But don’t worry, Miss Sofia. I’ll adjust my playing style as

the others. Before they knew it, the morning had already gone by. After she finished instructing them, Sofia took Kellen to

“Hello, Miss Sofia, Kellen.”

Granny Sofia,


nodded before asking them concernedly, “How’s everything going? Have

“We’re doing pretty well,” Tessa replied with a smile before she voluntarily reported her and Gregory’s progress.

Feeling satisfied, Sofia nodded and said, “Come, let’s go and have lunch.”

Tessa didn’t refuse and went out with her while holding Gregory’s hand. Besides them and Kellen, the other two senior apprentices had followed along as well.

At the table, Jenny and Daniela asked him worriedly, “Kellen, Miss Sofia personally came to help you look after things. How did it go? Have you chosen the concertmaster and associate concertmaster?”

“Not yet.” Kellen shook his head.

He was nearly tearing his hair out from nominating candidates for these two positions. At first, he had greatly favored Susan, but Sofia was not satisfied with her.

As if seeing through his thoughts, Sofia suddenly spoke up. “Susan isn’t bad, but she’s still not good enough to become a concertmaster. She’s not as skilled as Tessa.”

Upon hearing the praise for his mother, Gregory said with a look of pride from the side, “My mommy is really amazing. Every piece she plays sounds good.”


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