Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] Chapter 29 – I turned at the sound of his voice. I could probably pick his voice out of an entire crowd if need be. It was rough, but held a certain kind of delicacy that I found attractive. The whisper of an accent fell from his tongue, accompanying his words.

“Didn’t think I’d see you here again, beautiful.” I turned and met his swirling blue eyes. Brighter than the sea, more comparable to the sky on a clear day.

My heart did this weird pitter patter as a sly smile formed on his face. His smile was as I remembered it from Chelsea’s birthday, charming with just a hint of mischievousness. It was sxy yet impishly innocent all in one. There was no denying how gorgeous this man was, anyone with eyes could see it. Maya remained quiet as I turned to look at the guy. She had long ago stopped forcing me away from guys. She knew I wouldn’t sleep with just anyone. Flirting was definitely on the table, sx most certainly was not. Well, until I met Alpha Asher.

“Oh look, it’s the nameless guy.” I smirked, feeling my heart jump when he flashed me a gleaming smile. Amusement danced in his eyes.

“The nameless guy?” He gave me a lopsided smirk.

His blindingly light blonde hair caught the flashing scarlet lights. His hair practically reflected the color, and I couldn’t help but wonder what he looked like in actual sunlight. Beautiful, I’m sure.

“I assure you, beautiful.” He leaned in, towering over me. His cologne flooded through my nose. Musky and earthy with a hint of something sweet. “I have a name.”

“You didn’t give it to me last time we met.” I pouted, looking up at him through my eyelashes. “I gave you mine.”

For just a moment, an image of Breyona and Mason flashed through my mind. It was like a beam of light in a dark room. It went out so quickly, I was blinded and stumbling around. As quickly as my mind cleared, it fogged up again.

His cologne was really strong; but boy did it smell good.

“Names are important things, Lola.” The guy smirked down at me. I was sure he could hear my hammering heart. “Can’t just give them away to anyone.”

A rush of something familiar ran through me. It resembled the intense desire I felt for Alpha Asher, only it was different some how. This guy called to another side of me, one I wasn’t sure I wanted to explore. The strange feeling made me bold. I stood on my tip toes, placing my hands on his broad shoulders. He felt much too cold to be out dancing at a club, as though he had just come inside from the crisp nighttime breeze. I toyed with his shoulder length hair, marveling at how soft it truly felt.

“You can trust me.” I smirked back at the guy, fluttering my eyelashes suggestively. “I’m great at keeping secrets.”

“I suppose I can, beautiful.” He grinned down at me. The intensity of his gaze was almost unsettling, as though I were the only person in the entire club. It could’ve been empty for all the two of us cared.

Breyona and Mason were far from my mind. I couldn’t quite remember why I was here to begin with. All I know is that I ran into this devastatingly handsome guy after losing him the first time. It was fate; or pure luck that we managed to find eachother again. Like some sort of fairy tale. His smile was sincere yet devious, his body was chiseled yet dressed in that bad-boy persona.

Tristan.” He smirked down at

as he told me his name. His voice swam in circles around my head, shoving away any other thoughts I

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Tristan smiled down at me, “Named after my

My voice came out in

the midst of the thundering music, somehow able to hear eachother clearly. I struggled

me a breathtaking smile. “It’s hard to

felt myself nodding, allowing Tristan to guide me in front of him. He led me up the stairs and to a balcony door. This balcony sat outside the club, off to the side. The view was horrible, looking down into the damp alley way but the noise was a vanishing thought

white. The scent of his cologne was much stronger out here, that musky scent with just a touch of something sweet. Tristan approached me, taking my face in his hands. His palms were cool against my skin, but his touch did something to my heart. It pounded in my chest, heating my skin almost unbearably. His touch was the only thing that cooled me, and for

His voice was light yet his words sounded heavy. “How long I have waited

me?” My

my life in the pack. All I knew was Tristan and I, that’s all I could think about. His touch, his face, his

teeth grazing the soft skin below my earlobe. “You are destined to

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a bad one. What

wanted; The only thing that mattered, that

the h**l, Lola?’ A snarky voice snapped inside my mind, but was then abruptly shoved back. It felt like two people warring in my mind. One was a male, the other

are you still here?” Tristan murmured, his hand cupping my

the darkness, and my

murmured, “I’ll

is a long time,

just one more excuse

you as my own.” Tristan murmured, his lips were moving lower.

sending my heart into a love sick frenzy.

moved lower, nestling just above my shoulder blade. The moment his lips pressed against my skin, I knew there was no turning back. My mind was still a jumbled fog. One part of me was trying to decipher what was going on, and the other

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