Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] Chapter 18 – I left Alpha Asher in the dust, making my way back to the bar. I added a little extra sway to my hips as I walked away, secretly hoping he would follow.

I allowed myself a glance back to where Alpha Asher stood once I reached the bar. A frown threatened to form on my face when I couldn’t see him anywhere, but I chased it away.

Mason wasn’t at the bar either so I hopped down in a seat and waited for the bartender to finish with his other customers.

A nasal voice sounded from just over my shoulder and I grimaced as I locked eyes with Chelsea.

“Alpha Asher’s looking awful good tonight, don’t you think Lola?” She sneered, her dark haired friend cackling along side her, “Maybe he’ll kiss the Birthday Girl.”

I couldn’t help the incredulous snort that came from my mouth, if only she knew what happened between me and Alpha Asher on multiple occasions. Nonetheless, I wasn’t one to brag and I didn’t need the entire pack thinking I was getting cozied up to yet another Alpha.

“That’s a long shot.” I snorted, “Hey, don’t you have a mate to go find? I don’t think he’d like you slithering around Alpha Asher.”

Chelsea’s face turned a bright red and she snapped back at me.

“At least I have a chance at finding my mate.” Chelsea barked, “You probably don’t even have one. I can’t see how anyone could want someone like you.”

A pang of pain ran through my chest at her words, but I shoved it deep down. I placed a mask of amusement on my face and watched as she stomped away.

I let my eyes scan the room and noticed Asher standing just fifteen feet away. He was leaning against the wall talking to another man, a glass of amber colored liquid sat in his hand. He looked down right delectable with his chocolate hair tousled to perfection.

My jaw clicked shut and my face turned into a grimace as Chelsea twitched up to Alpha Asher. The man he was talking to smirked at Chelsea and walked off.

My eyes were practically glued to Asher and Chelsea, I couldn’t even hear the bartender when he finally approached me.

Chelsea’s gaze flickered back to my own, a cruel smirk forming on her face before she placed her manicured hand on Alpha Asher’s shoulder. A loud nasal laugh sounded from Chelsea, along with a smirk from Asher.

My thundering heart matched the beat of the music blaring through the club speakers, and jealousy flooded through me like ice water.

“Obviously a punch to the face was much too nice.” Maya growled. “B***h needs to learn her place.”

I clenched my teeth and ignored Maya for once. Maya wanted a fight. Wolves were much different than humans. For whatever reason Maya saw Alpha Asher and Grim as her own, and she was determined to protect what was hers. I on the other hand know Alpha Asher doesn’t belong to me, but that doesn’t mean I was immune to jealousy.

I turned back to the bartender feeling much more irritable.

“Five shots of your strongest liquor.” I grimaced at the cute bartender.

“Five?” The bartender with the green stripe in his hair sputtered, “You sure you can handle that miss?”

“I’ll be fine.” I snapped, forcing my gaze anywhere other than Asher and Chelsea.

Sensing my obvious irritation, the bartender was fast with gathering my shots. I had never managed to actually get drunk before, but I was determined to try. I wanted to d***n out the flaming jealousy that threatened to consume me. I had never been jealous in the past, and I was not enjoying the irritating feeling. Jealousy was like a big green monster that kicked you to the ground, then continued kicking.

“Jeez, Lola.” Mason chuckled, plopping down in a seat beside me. He eyed the shots the bartender lined in front of me. “This wouldn’t because of Chelsea and Alpha Asher, is it?”

“That obvious?” I grimaced, my gaze flickering over to them against my own will.

Chelsea was saying something she must’ve thought was funny, cause she cackled like a field wench a moment later.

I grabbed one of the shots from the table, my eyes glued to Asher and Chelsea. As if he could feel my eyes on him, Asher turned his gaze on me.

I let a dry smile come over my face as I raised the glass in his direction. I downed the shot without hesitation, my eyes burning holes into Asher’s.

I did what I could to conceal the jealousy monster within me, and turned my attention back to Mason.

“Nothing will happen between them.” Mason shrugged, not bothering to glance at Asher or Chelsea. He sounded so sure, and I wondered where he got his information from.

“What makes you say that?” I frowned, downing another shot.

The liquor burned as it ran down my throat, but the taste wasn’t completely unpleasant. Maple, honey and a woodsy flavor filled my mouth.

“Alpha Asher’s obviously not Chelsea’s mate.” Mason shrugged, “Once you turn eighteen, finding your mate is all you can think about.”

I pointed out, raising

Mason shrugged and looked away, some foreign emotion lingering in his ocean eyes.

from Mason’s eyes and his typical goofy grin

an idea.” Mason’s

I raised my eyebrow at him, demolishing the fourth shot. While I was intrigued about this idea of his, I wondered what might’ve happened between Mason and his own mate. Maybe he hadn’t found

we go make him jealous.” Mason shrugged, but I could see the excitement in his

my gaze over to Asher and Chelsea. They were standing much too close for my own


let a devious smile form on my face as Mason put his hand out for my own. I placed my hand in his and followed him back over to the dance floor. We passed by Asher and Chelsea on the

and I turned to face him. A light blush

gaze burning into me

on my hips, Mason.” I chuckled, noticing how cute Mason looked when he

on my hips so gently

can touch me harder Mason.” I chuckled in his ear, “I’m not going to

his blue eyes locked on

much lighter from the alcohol. It probably didn’t help that my

began loosening up and moving in sync with me. A smug smirk formed on my face and I let my hands trail slowly up Mason’s torso. The light blush stained his face

I turned and let my backside face Mason, pulling his hands around me and setting them on

out and my head

“Got him.” Maya snickered.

me and Mason, impatience

Mason replied, the two of

looked kinda strained as he

a moment?” Alpha Asher’s gaze was solely focused on Mason, he

was clear Alpha Asher wasn’t asking. His statement hung in the air as a challenge. He was


feel guilt swirling in the pits

Maya frowned, “You

and the last thing I wanted was to leave the poor guy confused. Of course, it was my fault for flirting with him in

with you later, Mason.” I forced a carefree grin onto my face, giving

try and track Breyona down while I’m at it.” Mason grinned,


I feigned shock, “I would’ve never pegged

growled, the honey color in

shrugged, swaying to the

amount of alcohol I consumed was doing nothing to stop my big mouth. Irritation and anger flashed

Alpha Asher snapped, running a hair through his

had me mesmerized and practically drooling. Apparently,

my wrist and tugged me off

drag me off the dance floor.” I pointed out with a

growled, seeming much

of Asher dragging me away, Maya

dragged me to the side door I had came through earlier, and pulled me outside. The crisp air was cool against my heated skin, and I couldn’t help but take deep gulps of the fresh

the bouncer, handing him a stack of something that looked suspiciously like money, “Give

all Maya had to


shrugged, “My wisdom knows no

found myself slammed against the rough brick wall of the club. The bricks scratched at my back, but I could hardly feel

trace of his usual color was gone. His eyes burned with unabashed fury, and I wondered what got him so worked up. I don’t

warned you, Lola.” Alpha Asher growled lowly. “Time

something?” I pursed my

of my head. He was only a few inches away,

is you, Lola.” Alpha Asher growled, and my legs

was rough, hitting all of the right places as

your problem, Alpha.” I pointed out, a stubborn smirk forming on

and I loved the way my name sounded in his mouth. “Your disobedience is my

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