Alpha Asher novel By Jane Doe-Prologue

I can tell you the exact moment my life began to fall apart. The moment where everything came tumbling down and I no longer knew what my place was in the world. The familiar instantly became foreign and I was left with nowhere to go.

It all started when my boyfriend had found his mate.

Tyler and I had been dating since I was sixteen, almost a year of time was spent having him by my side. Tyler happened to be the Alpha’s son, I had grown up with Tyler and spent my childhood training at his side.

When I turned sixteen the feelings of friendship quickly blossomed into romance. Tyler was seventeen, able to find his mate from he turned nineteen.

I was so gullible back then, hanging on his every word. I was so sure we would be mates, we were destined after all.

I had this same delirious mindset up until his nineteenth birthday party, the day where everything crashed and burned.

Tyler picked me up from my house around 8 p.m. He pulled up to my house in his shiny Mustang, I’d often joke that he loved his car more than me. There were a lot of things Tyler loved more than me.

My mom, dad and older brother weren’t fond of me dating their soon-to-be Alpha. They knew the risks of getting involved with another wolf, but like a child, I had ignored them.

I hopped into Tyler’s car, not thinking twice that he hadn’t opened the door for me.

“I thought I told you to wear the blue dress.” Tyler sighed, rolling his eyes. I frowned at him and looked down at the black dress I was wearing. I didn’t see anything wrong with it.

“I told you I didn’t like that one.” I frowned, wondering what got him in such a bad mood.

“Whatever, you know I’m just looking out for you.” Tyler shrugged, “You look like some goth girl when you wear black.”

I rolled my eyes at his bad mood, knowing he would cheer up once he had a few drinks in him.

Tyler never liked when I wore black, he would always say I looked “goth”. I didn’t see a problem with looking “goth”, some of the clothes they wore were really cute. I’m sure it didn’t help that I had straight, raven colored hair.

much better I would look as a blonde, but I couldn’t bring myself to dye

Tyler drove, listening to him openly complain about

He picked a fight with the Crescent pack and needs my help to get out of it.” Tyler rolled his eyes, running his hand through his sandy blonde

felt my eyes widen, “The Crescent pack? Why the heck

quickly expanded once Alpha Gabriel came into

Lola,” Tyler scoffed. “It’s just a stupid pack,

mumbled, knowing that the Crescent pack held the most territory in the

the feeling that bubbled in my

I started, but was

with a wave of his hand. We pulled into the parking

me in and

like a stupid school-girl and leaned into

you finally going to say yes tonight?” Tyler smirked, tugging on a piece of my

found myself smiling back, ready to give him the news he

me for months now to finally sleep with him, to let him take my virginity. Each time I had turned him down, waiting for this night. Once we officially became

my lip, looking up into

me in for another kiss, “It’s about damn time.” I giggled

I linked my arm through Chelsea’s

harder to like. I realized later on in

bitch.” Chelsea smirked, flipping her honey colored hair behind her

back at her, taking in the baby pink dress she was

Isaac. Ethan was your typical asshole, always jumping around from girl to girl. He had even tried to get with me at one

was nineteen and had already found his mate, but he didn’t seem too attached to her. He’d

his eyebrows at a group of human

he glanced down at me. I rolled my eyes at him and playfully smacked his shoulder. I eyed Tyler’s drink enviously, he never liked when I drank alcohol. It didn’t fit his picture perfect narrative. I turned

be Tyler’s mate, hope you won’t hold it against me.” Chelsea winked, giving Tyler a

be Ethan.” I broke out into giggles at the disgusted look on her

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