Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] Chapter 31 – The facts were battering my mind faster than I could handle.

My Mom’s rejected mate was a Vampire–She cheated on Dad with him and got pregnant. Sean was already born, leaving me the only other option.

My Father was a vampire—Making me half vampire, all of which culminated in leaving this scarlett mark on my chest.

“How do I get rid of this mark?” I snapped. I couldn’t control half of what I was, but the mark was something I could control. I wanted it off of my body, as well as any trace of Tristan.

Grandma frowned, “Unlike werewolves, Vampires get to choose their mate. It’s likely the Vampire chose you for a reason. If he’s not your Goddess-given mate, that should be able to over-ride the Vampires mark.

Grandma was lost in thought, and I clenched my teeth together in frustration.

“Should?” I grimaced, “You don’t know for sure?”

“Your Mom was marked by her mate, and it looked similar to yours.” Grandma sighed, looking much older than she truly was. “The mark wouldn’t come off, cause they were destined mates. I’m guessing once you’re marked by your actual mate, the Vampire’s should leave your skin.”

“And what if Tristan is my mate?” I frowned, ignoring the small part of my heart that fluttered at his name. “What if I’m mated to a Vampire?”

“We can only pray the past hasn’t repeated itself.” Grandma frowned, looking at me with so much saddness.

I couldn’t help but feel truly wounded as I looked on at my Dad. His face looked pain, but you could clearly see the love in his eyes. I wasn’t his biological child, but he had been there my entire life. Even being half-vampire, he loved his daughter. What also broke my heart was the fact that Grandma and I weren’t truly related. It was hard to believe, considering how much I looked like her. I suppose there were plenty of other people who had black hair and bright eyes.

“Don’t.” Grandma grimaced and shook her head. “I know what you’re thinking and I’m telling you to quit it. Doesn’t matter what you are, family is family.”

I nodded at the two of them, “It doesn’t change anything?”

I sounded fragile, as though my whole life depended on their next words.

“Doesn’t change one thing.” Dad shook his head, and I wanted to burst into tears. I had no idea if Sean knew the truth, but I could only hope he’d accept me the same.

something.” Grandma pursed her lips, “And you aren’t going

stomach sunk, and I could taste my breakfast from earlier. I wasn’t sure I could survive any more lifelong

had to let Alpha Asher know what happened.” Grandma sighed,

suppressed. It felt like a crudely made dam inside of me had finally broke, and I remembered how

did you tell him?” I exhaled, my mind thinking of all

Grandma frowned, averting her eyes from my shuddering

tell him everything?”

“We shouldn’t have kept it secret to begin

why.” Grandma frowned, “If these deaths are Vampire related, it could easily be the same one who attacked you at the club. The

think when he saw the mark on my neck? I wasn’t sure why I cared what he

Vampire gave you his mark unwillingly.” Grandma nodded, “He knows it’s not your

was my fault. I could’ve fought against him, or tried to resist. There was still that small part of me that

to be training you.” Grandma wiped the tired

couldn’t help but raise my eyebrow,

her eyes, poking my unmarked

hint of her usual smirk as she

going to train my head?” I forced a playful

yourself if any Vampires try and mess with your mind.

it.” Maya nodded with a huff, “I have a feeling the Vampire isn’t fond of your

I muttered back to her, “You’re

Maya nodded, pleased with my

message.” Grandma’s voice cut through my thoughts. “He expects you to

been awake for almost an hour.” I cocked my eyebrow

head but a small smile graced her

for awhile.” I smiled softly at the two of them, “I’ll have

long on contacting Alpha Asher.” Dad grumbled, “I can’t

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