Read Alpha Asher [by Jane Doe] Chapter 24 – I went to bed that night, a detailed dream of Sean filling my head.

He was thundering through the woods, his four paws raking up dirt as he barreled forward. Clumps of grass and earth sprayed out from behind him, tree’s and branches blurred as he ran past. The forest around him was slowing, his senses heightened in his wolf form.

The dream continued like that for some time, simply Sean running through the woods. A few moments later the dream shifted. I was still standing in the woods, but Sean was gone. The same sickeningly sweet scent was lingering in the air. The forest was quiet, unusually quiet. The forest was absent of bugs or creatures. Typically at night, the forest is alive with living creatures. Animals hunted at night, insects chirped and buzzed. There was none of that in my dream forest. Everything was still, inducing a strange sense of anxiety. The feeling of being watched surrounded me, the prickling feeling of eyes running over my skin.

“Lola.” A deep voice called out, slick like oil.

The bushes shook, and a strange sense of d***h settled over the forest. Thick and almost tangible, this strange shadow-like substance ebbed from all around me. It was black like smoke, lapping the ground as it ebbed closer and closer. Plants wilted under the touch of the strange smoke, urging it to move faster.

I sat from my bed with a startled breath, my dream had been cut short. It wasn’t surprising to have nightmares in times like this. I was merely lucky my nightmares didn’t include Katie or Kanyon’s glassy gaze.

Training without Alpha Asher was monotonous and almost boring. I sparred with Mason easily, taking him down multiple times. Deep in the back of my mind, I already missed Alpha Asher. A day without bothering him felt unsuccessful and pointless. I quickly realized how much I longed to see the fire b**n in his eyes as he fought his hidden desires.

After training Breyona and Mason tagged along to my house. The three of us ate lunch, my Grandma supplying Breyona with as many pastries as she could carry.

“Your Grandma is awesome.” Breyona groaned, munching on a brownie as we walked to her house.

“She’s only baking like this cause she’s stressed.” I chuckled.

“I wish my mom stress baked.” Breyona rolled her eyes, “My Mom stress cleans. Won’t even let us touch the kitchen anymore.”

“Mine just watches those spanish soap operas.” Mason shuddered, his eyes widening in fear.

“Is Mason scared of his Mom’s soap opera’s?” Breyona cackled, pelting him with a piece of brownie.

“You act like it’s funny but you’ve never had to sit and endure four hours of it.” Mason shook his head, “And this is why I’m always out and about.”

We walked up the stairs to Breyona’s house, and walked inside.

It had been years since I was in Breyona’s home, but not much had changed.

The family pictures still lingered on the walls, a few new ones added to the collection. Breyona looked nearly identical to her Mom and older sister. The newest photo was of Breyona, her sister, her Mom and Dad. Breyona’s sister had a large baby bump and an even wider grin on her face. Breyona’s lips were pulled up in a smirk, as though she was holding back laughter.

“Lola?” Breyona’s Mom called out, a surprised smile on her face. “I was wondering when I’d see your face again.”

“Hey, Miss Shelby.” I grinned, giving Breyona’s Mom a hug.

There was a time when Breyona and I were inseparable, a time before I met Tyler. I would spend most of my days at her house. Breyona’s Mom wasn’t a fan of my Mom, but that never stopped me from finding my way over their house. Breyona’s Mom would never turn me down, always offering a place to stay when my Mom became a little too overbearing.

“How’re you holding up?” Shelby frowned, giving my back a soft pat.

Breyona got her winning personality from her Mom, and her intense sarcasm from her Dad. Breyona’s Mom considered me a distant daughter, always making me feel included. The fact that she didn’t hold it against me when I ditched Breyona for Tyler, said loads about who she is as a person. Forgiving, kind, and compassionate. Just like Breyona.

“I’m managing.” I nodded, a tight smile on my face. “I don’t have it as bad as some others.”

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couldn’t catch them?” Wade growled, “You couldn’t

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h**l broke loose through the mind-link. Everyone was pissed and on end. Someone had clearly made it into town, which meant another d**d body could be

small voice called out in the midst of the

I frowned, my head turning to meet the bright eyes of another

seen this particular wolf before, but that wasn’t surprising. I didn’t know many of the people in our

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a low growl coming from it’s mouth. “She did nothing to help. Just

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the shadows are bigger.” Maya repeated the words that came

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d**d right now.” I snapped at all of them, “Arguing will

do, Lola?” Mason frowned,

us immediately.” I snapped at five of the wolves, the little multi-colored one included. While she was much smaller than the others, her eyes glistened with a strange intelligence that begged

rest of you, follow me into town.” I continued barking

last thing I wanted was to find another d**d body, but someone got through out perimeter. A simple rogue didn’t possess that kind of speed, nor did anything else for that matter. Whatever it was, barreled through the perimeter without being spotted. It was either the fastest

one was injured, and

who continued running patrol reported something nearly an hour later. Something had ran by them, never once stopping as

tonight’s events, we all headed home. The next patrol shift

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