Alpha Asher novel By Jane Doe chapter 14
The moment I picked the crisp index card up from my bed, I knew I wouldn’t get a full night sleep.

Tyler had specifically said his friend was leaving the notes. The only friend I could think of was one of the other Alpha’s, and all were too afraid of Alpha Asher to dare cross onto his territory.

Somehow, someone was getting onto Alpha Asher’s territory and leaving these notes. The fact that they could cloak their scent meant they weren’t someone to be messing with.

As I thought, sleep refused to end my misery for half the night. I settled for locking my windows tight and drawing the curtains. The slightest crack in the curtains began to creep me out, so I tied them shut tightly.

I must’ve managed to sleep a whopping four hours last night, as my head was pounding and foggy when I woke that morning. My alarm got me up an hour before training began, and I used the time wisely.

I ran to the bathroom and washed the sleep from my face, feeling refreshed as the cool water splashed against my skin. I kept it simple, throwing on a tank top and workout shorts.

I walked downstairs just in time to interrupt what seemed like an interesting conversation between Dad and Grandma. Once again they looked like two kids who didn’t want to be caught. That only peaked my curiosity.

“Don’t let me interrupt, continue your conversation.” I raised my eyebrow at the two of them, taking a deep gulp of coffee.

“Nonsense, it wasn’t important to begin with.” Grandma chided me, setting a plate of eggs and sausage down on the table.

Grandma was skilled at many things, lying was one of those many things. Living with her for a year however, gave me too much time to analyze Grandma.

When Grandma lied, she often tried to change the subject with food or sweets. And if that didn’t work, she’d bring up some other random topic.

“Important enough for you both to go quiet when I came down.” I raised my eyebrow and looked at the two of them.

Dad was a horrible liar, one thing he didn’t get from Grandma. Dad sat across the table uncomfortably, nursing his coffee as though it demanded all attention.

“It was nothing important, Lola.” Grandma pursed her lips, “How’s training going with Alpha Asher?”

Knowledge flashed in her green eyes and I ground my teeth together.

“Did Grandma really just insinuate what I thought she did?” Maya gaped, looking at the old woman in equal wonder and horror.

I nodded, “She sure did. Thus proving, they don’t want me to know what they were talking about.”

“Smooth, Lola.” Maya nodded.

“Training’s going great.” I nodded, stuffing some food in my mouth.

“Really?” Grandma’s lips twitched in a little smirk, her eyes shimmering. “Why’d you go to the pack house yesterday afternoon?”

Some of my eggs caught in my throat and I covered a cough with a healthy gulp of coffee. Grandma’s question got the attention of Dad, who sat his coffee down with a questioning look my way.

Grandma was smart, much too smart. She successfully redirected the entire conversation over to me, and now I needed to cover my own ass.

“Did the Alpha need help with something?” Grandma hid her smirk behind a cup of coffee, but I could see her eyes shimmering with amusement.

the pack house yesterday?” Dad grunted, “You

I forced my voice to remain calm, not at all defensive.

mind, my bare bottom raised in

from my head before the rosy blush could creep

Dad frowned, “We had quite a bit of those

probably right.” I shrugged, happy for the subject change, “I just had

front door and together we walked

chuckled, referring to when

time a blush did creep up my face. I hadn’t even thought about the rest of the soreness on my body. The only soreness at

an upper hand against him. Especially if I’m gonna be stuck partnering

it out for

hate relationship.” Breyona snickered and I shot her a look. “Lola

aback for a moment, “And he hasn’t

I shrugged, “I’m

a bad memory crossed his mind. “I was sore for days after we

can’t help it.” I smirked at Mason, “You’re just too

one to kick that little

smirked, and

with the Alpha though.” Mason shook his head, something

into the pack house behind

and nearly sighed. I promised to be good for a change. Well.. I promised to be a ‘good girl’. If I was being honest, the only

good girls get

through my mind on a constant loop. Fine, Alpha Asher. I would be

locker room, while Breyona and I headed

Mason was already there and waiting. He definitely looked good. His tank top highlighted his biceps and muscular chest. Mason was just

of his warriors followed behind. I couldn’t

way. His hair sat messily on his head,

and defense.” Alpha Asher’s voice was rough and commanding, “My men

deep voice pulled

a sympathetic look, while Breyona smirked. I walked over to Alpha Asher,

up to Alpha Asher. She was wearing a sports bra that must’ve been four sizes too small. Her brests were nearly popping out of the low cut tank top she wore. Her shorts were hiked up so high the bottoms of her btt

with skin the color of fresh espresso. Asher’s eyes were hard and met my own for only a fraction

smirk forming on her face as she nodded over to Kanyon. I ground my teeth together and stalked off towards Kanyon, unsure what game Alpha

Maya fake gagged in my mind, “Might as

trying to become Luna.” I rolled

thing Alpha Asher and I had going on, had nothing to do with me trying to be Luna. If anything, dating Tyler taught me something important. Being

right?” Kanyon grinned, showing


friends, but we hadn’t been enemies either. Simply two people who had very different friend groups. Kanyon

my eyes flickered over to where Asher was standing. My blood turned hot in

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